Is Sandra Oh Gay? Delving Into Sandra Oh’s Sexual Orientation!

is sandra oh gay

Sandra Oh, renowned for her extraordinary acting abilities, has captivated audiences worldwide with her screen performances. As highly regarded members of the entertainment industry, fans frequently seek out personal information about their beloved celebrities. This article explores the query that has intrigued many: Is Sandra Oh gay?

Is Sandra Oh Gay?

Sandra Oh’s performance as Eve in the cat-and-mouse thriller series Killing Eve and her character’s incredible chemistry with Jodie Comer’s Villanelle left everyone in astonishment. After that, numerous reports claimed that the Canadian actress, aged 50, was a lesbian. However, the actress has never publicly confirmed any of these allegations. She has neither denied nor acknowledged the allegations that she is gay.

What Led Fans to Believe She Is Not Straight?

Sandra Oh portrays Eve Polastri in the British espionage thriller television series Killing Eve, which aired on BBC America and BBC Three from 2018 to 2022.

Fans have determined that Eve Polastri, a British intelligence agent and covert agent, is bisexual. She displays excellent rapport with another female character, Jodie Comer’s Villanelle.

During the Q&A portion of the San Francisco International Film Festival, someone referred to Eve Polastri as “straight,” to which Sandra Oh responded “No” and waved her hand. It has somehow confirmed what Eve Polastri’s admirers already knew: that she is bisexual.

Sandra Oh has portrayed the bisexual character so convincingly that it has prompted rumors about her sexual orientation. Fans began to conjecture that the Golden Globe winner is in fact a lesbian.

Indeed, she is not gay.

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She Was Briefly Wed to The Filmmaker Alexander Payne

Before Oh earned her career-changing role on Grey’s Anatomy, she appeared in films such as Princess Diaries and Big Fat Liar. Around this time (in the early 2000s), she met director/producer/screenwriter Alexander Payne (Election, Nebraska, The Descendants), and the two dated for three years prior to getting married in 2003, while working on the cult wine country film Sideways.

The couple was only married for about two years before announcing their separation in 2005 and finalizing their divorce in 2007.

Neither party appears to discuss the divorce or the subsequent allegations with much frequency. Oh went out of her way to avoid the scandalous tabloids.

“I do not listen to such music. She told Marie Claire in 2007 regarding divorce allegations, “I don’t see it.” “I tell my people that I don’t want to know about it because even if you know it’s absurd, it can still hurt your emotions. It can prevent me from being my genuine self.”

Could her previous experiences have dissuaded her from discussing her intimate romantic life? It is extremely probable.

Unfortunately for Oh, neither the paparazzi nor the rumor mill is known for respecting celebrity privacy, which brings us to Alexander Featherstone, the next man who may have captured Oh’s heart.

Rumored Boyfriend #1: Alexander Featherstone

Unsurprisingly, there is little information available about Featherstone, which is likely how he and Oh prefer it. We do know that rumors of their alleged relationship began circulating in 2007, just as Oh’s divorce from Payne was reaching its conclusion. An October 2007 article from Just Jared displaying a paparazzi photo of the two walking around Los Angeles in matching white T-shirts and appearing content (if a bit warm) in the autumnal heat appeared to confirm rumors.

The same article claimed Featherstone was the percussionist for the indie band The Hereafter, but the band’s Facebook page does not list him as a member. He is also not a member of The Hereafters from Portland or The Hereafter from the United Kingdom. The only thing that is evident here is that The Hereafter and variations thereof are incredibly popular.

According to Bustle, Oh refused to answer queries about the alleged 11-year relationship when The Times of London pressed her. She instead responded that she is “very happy” and stopped there.

However, there is a minor problem with these speculations: Oh has recently been photographed with photographer Lev Rushin.

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Rumored Boyfriend #2: Lev Rukhin

Oh was convinced Featherstone was the one. Not so quickly!

Early in December 2018, the U.K.’s Daily Mail published paparazzi photographs of Oh with Lev Rukhin, a Russian-born artist whose “drive-by” photography has made him famous on Instagram. The photos were shot in Rome while Oh was filming the second season of Killing Eve.

They are certainly convincing. Oh is captured in one image with her arms around Rukhin’s neck, seemingly engaged in a passionate embrace. Another depicts her wearing a puffy, woodland jacket with a scarf and hat while clutching Rukhin’s hand as they stroll through a busy section of the city.

Although these photos are recent, the couple’s relationship appears to be old. In 2016, the two were photographed attending a State Dinner for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House. Oh opted for spring colors, donning a gorgeous sage skirt and a sleeveless, multicolored blouse, while Rukhin opted for a classic tux. Each appeared distinguished in their thick-rimmed spectacles.

Rukhin’s Instagram account provides additional evidence that he’s the one. While he has not posted a photo of the two of them together, he does include promotional images of Oh, such as magazine cover shoots, a bus with a Killing Eve advertisement, and screenshots of promotional articles, among his more candid street pictures. Retweeting dozens of articles and videos honoring Oh’s achievements, an unverified Twitter account under Rukhin’s name appears to show Oh a great deal of affection.

Could Rukhin be Oh’s one and only love? Thus far, all indicators point to yes.

Is Sandra Oh Married Officially?

Unfortunately, we cannot say with certainty. The most probable scenario at this time is that she is dating Rukhin. Obviously, there is always a remote possibility that Oh will ultimately reveal her relationship status during the Golden Globe Awards.

For the time being, however, we will presume that Oh will continue living her best life while avoiding the paparazzi and tabloids. We’ll gladly accept her response that she’s “very happy” (with whichever man) and anxiously anticipate her big night — and undoubtedly stunning beauty and fashion looks — on January 6 at the Golden Globes.

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