Is Salman Khan intending to throw Bigg Boss 13 contestant Sidharth Shukla within his film?

Is Salman Khan thinking to cast Bigg Boss 13 contestant Sidharth Shukla in his movie?

Salman Khan has always been supportive of Sidharth Shukla from the Bigg Boss home. He had been Sidharth when all of the other contestants were targeting him also corrected Sidharth when he had been responsible.

At a Weekend Ka Vaar incident, Salman imitated Sidharth by crying because he does that gave Sidharth a very clear sign of what Salman desired to communicate, so that he calmed down. This isn’t the first time when Salman has talked about his competitive behavior.

From the hottest Weekend Ka Vaar incident, when Salman declared the series would be prolonged for a second five months and the finale will occur around 15eh February 2020, he’d banter with Sidharth requesting his plans following the series.

Although Sidharth didn’t disclose his plans, he’d mention that Salman understood his aims. Sidharth stated,”Sir aap baki ke programs toh jantey hi haike starting ke strategies toh aap jantey hai haina.”

After hearing , fans are wondering if Salman is intending to throw Sidharth Shukla in among their future endeavors? Wellthe time will tell.

Discussing about Sidharth’s functionality from the Bigg Boss home, he’s ever become a strong contender, and it has gained support and love from enthusiasts. He had been criticized because of his competitive character but was able to emerge as among the most powerful contenders. Fans are also anticipating Sidharth to shoot home the Bigg Boss 13 decoration. What should you think, guys?