Is Rumer Willis Pregnant? The Latest Scoop You Need to Know!

is rumor willis pregnant

Rumer Glenn Willis is an actress from America. She is the firstborn child of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. She has appeared in the motion pictures Hostage, The House Bunny, Sorority Row, and Once Once a Time in Hollywood.

Is Willis Allegedly Pregnant?

Yes, Rumer Willis is pregnant and will soon become a first-time mother, her team confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday. That day, Willis, 34, announced on Instagram that she and partner Derek Richard Thomas are expecting their first child.

Willis Posted a series of images showcasing her baby belly with a seedling emoji as the text. Willis’s 31-year-old sister, Scout LaRue Willis, was among those who expressed support in the comments section, writing, “I feel so happy, What a joyful hard launch party!”

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Who Does She Date? How Did They Meet?

is rumor willis pregnant

Willis has been in a relationship with the singer Derek Richard Thomas since 2022. Rumer Willis and Derek Richard Thomas made their relationship public in November 2022, one month before revealing they were expecting their first child together.

Thomas gave Willis a peck on the cheek in one of the couple’s Instagram photos. While they have not revealed the date they began dating, they have been vocal on social media about their respect for one another’s musical abilities.

Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, has historically kept her romantic relationships very discreet.

She has, however, been transparent about her wish to start a family. Willis claimed in a November 2020 appearance on The Talk that even her father had pressured her to have children.

Bruce Willis shares three kids with Demi Moore and has a total of five girls; he quipped that he needs some “man energy” in the household. Willis has kept her previous romances discreet, but her admiration for Thomas is good knowledge.

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Former Affair

is rumor willis pregnant

The winner of Dancing with the Stars has a lengthy dating history up to this point. 2007 marks the beginning of Rumer Willis’s relationship with Harry Morton. In the same year following her separation from Harry.

Then, Rumer Willis began to date Rafi Gavron. He is an actor from England. Similarly, the pair dated for only a few months before moving on.

Micah Alberti was Rumer Willis’s boyfriend from 2008 to 2010, but they broke up due to their differences.

She began dating Jayson Blair, whom she met through a mutual friend, in August 2012. They were together for one year until issues began to arise. In 2013, they parted ways.

Moreover, she dated Ricky Whittle. He is an actor from England.

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