Is Ruby Soho Gay? The Truth Behind Ruby Soho’s Sexuality!

is ruby soho gay

Dori Elizabeth Prange is an American professional wrestler who currently performs under the ring name Ruby Soho for All Elite Wrestling. In WWE, where she performed under the ring name Ruby Riott, she is equally well-known.

Is Ruby Soho Gay?

No, Ruby is not gay. The CW’s decision to cast Ruby Rose as Kate Kane in its upcoming Batwoman drama was not much better. The character is a Jewish lesbian; Rose is gender flexible and a member of the LGBT community, but she is not Jewish, which is unacceptable to some who believe the performer must match the character in every way. The weekend after Rose was assaulted on social media, she quit Twitter.

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Who Is Dating Ruby Soho?

is ruby soho gay

The former WWE superstar who switched to AEW (and changed her last name from Riott) has been romantically linked to professional wrestler Jake Holmes in the past, although it is unknown whether the two are currently together. Ruby is moderately active on social media, however, most of her photos include only her and her coworkers, or her in action with AEW.

Are Ruby Soho and Eddie Kingston Dating?

According to Atletifo, however, this is not the case, as the two only have a strong working relationship. Eddie stated that he is seeing someone else, but likes to keep this information confidential, which serves two objectives for professional wrestlers.

Obviously, the first is exhibiting a level of concern for one’s significant other. Spending a lot of focus on a relationship can exhaust many individuals. Maybe you’re dating a celebrity and you’re perusing the comments section to see what people are saying when someone makes a comment on your forehead.

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You attempt to shrug it off, but the remark about your forehead has become a running gag. You have a laundry list of memes about your forehead that is roughly as long as the cranial landing strip you were unfortunate enough to be born with.

So, you begin to correlate all of the foreheads hate you’ve received with the person you’re dating, the fantastic public figure who wants to upload a selfie with you two to show the world how happy you two are.

It’s difficult to tell if Ruby is single and not dating anyone, or if she is merely attempting to avoid that scenario because she is still with Jake Holmes. The constantly traveling lifestyle of a professional wrestler is not exactly favorable for building strong romantic relationships.

That is unless they are traveling with you or work in the same industry. Sasha Banks is married to professional wrestler and ring costume designer Sarath Ton. Banks has previously expressed how privileged she feels to be able to travel with her significant other, noting that few others in her line of employment get the same privilege.

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