Is Rochelle Aytes Pregnant? Fans Speculate About Baby News!

is rochelle aytes pregnant

Rochelle Aytes is a model and American actress. She is best known for playing April Malloy in the ABC drama series Mistresses and for providing the voice of Rochelle in the critically acclaimed video game Left 4 Dead 2.

Is Rochelle Aytes Pregnant?

She is not expecting. It was somewhat deceptive.” She said, “I, Rochelle, am not pregnant; only Nichelle is pregnant.” The actress continued, “It’s good to see so many people happy for me and praising me; I appreciate it. But, it’s simply for show.”

After Her Marriage

is rochelle aytes pregnant

Since August 2016, Rochelle Aytes has been married to her husband, fellow actor CJ Lindsey. In an outdoor ceremony at the Tappan Hill Mansion in Tarrytown, New York, Aytes, and her husband exchanged their wedding vows. Just the couple’s closest friends and family members participated in the celebration.

During a romantic road trip from Vancouver, where Rochelle has been filming the hit ABC series, to Los Angeles, Lindsey proposed to the ABC star. The actress revealed that she was utterly astonished because they never actually discussed it.

They were traveling along the coast and were ready to check into a hotel when Lindsey proposed stopping at one last beach, which Aytes was not enthusiastic about. “He desired to trek toward a large rock that was around a mile away. “Would you marry me?” was written in the sand when I returned from using the restroom and saw that he had proposed. Aytes carried on.

Lindsey desired to propose at the large rock known as the proposal rock.

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Love Story of Rochelle Aytes and Her Husband

is rochelle aytes pregnant

In 2017, the pair told their tale for Black Love Doc’s second season. They had originally met in 1998 while attending the same New York college. Yet, their love story did not begin until they rejoined in Los Angeles, where they were both chasing their ambitions.

Lindsey worked as a bartender at the club for Aytes’ ex-boyfriends, and they shared a large number of mutual connections.

The former bartender revealed that they were not friends, but he admired Aytes’s elegance from afar.
In 2010, a mutual acquaintance recommended that they would make a fantastic relationship based on their frequent encounters at various events.

Aytes’ husband asked for her number after a couple of group outings with their mutual acquaintances, and they went on their first date. One would assume that they would have gotten along, yet the exact reverse was true. The couple’s first date was unpleasant since Lindsey felt terrible for dating the ex-girlfriend of a person he knew.

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Rochelle Aytes and Her Husband Hit It Off

They had multiple dates, but nothing came of them. Lindsey eventually went from Los Angeles to New York to be with his son and recognized he was not ready for a relationship.

But, they remained in contact, and by 2014, Lindsey was finally ready to return to the dating world. And the only individual he could think of was the star of Mistress. After Aytes moved to New York, they resumed dating, and after a number of dates, Lindsey declared that he was ready to make a commitment.

Nevertheless, the actress, who was exhausted from playing romantic games with other men, was uncertain and stated that she needed to sleep on it. Aytes pondered the situation for a few months until one day, while watching a romantic comedy.

Someone in the film questioned, “Are we going steady?” At the conclusion of the film, Aytes asked her partner the same question. It was the decisive factor.

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