Is Robin Arzon Going To Be A Mother soon? All You Need To Know!

The author of the book Shut Up and Run American ultramarathon athlete Robin Amelia Arzón. She works for Peloton as an instructor and the vice president of fitness programming. A mother who fled Cuba as a refugee and a Puerto Rican father gave birth to Robin Arzón in Philadelphia. Her mother, a physician, learned English by watching PBS. Her father is a lawyer and former professor of law. She was urged as a young girl to prioritise her family and school. Growing up, she never participated in sports. Arzón studied at New York University and received a magna cum laude degree. She then continued to Villanova University School of Law.

Robin Arzon’s pregnancy reveal

A new wolf has joined Robin Arzón’s pack! Arzón stated on Monday’s edition of Live with Kelly and Ryan that she is expecting her second child with husband Drew Butler and is the chief teacher at Peloton and vice president of fitness programmes.

Before making the big announcement, Arzón revealed exclusively to PEOPLE that she is “feeling strong” and that her entire family, including 22-month-old daughter Athena, is “extremely excited” about the impending arrival. The author of Strong Mama, whose follow-up picture book Strong Baby will be out next month, claims that she shocked her husband with the good news after learning of the pregnancy.

“We recorded the moment I surprised him on camera. He continued to wear his robe. “You couldn’t even give me a heads up?” he asks. Now that my hair will be in this video for millions of people, “She laughs as she recalls. However, I felt that I had to surprise you authentically. The athlete claims that Athena is already preparing to become a big sister.

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Robin Arzon’s early life and career

After earning his law degree from Villanova University School of Law in 2007, Arzón worked as a corporate litigator at Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, LLP for seven years. Her father, who is a lawyer, gave her the motivation and support to pursue a legal career.

Arzón was held hostage in a wine bar in Manhattan’s East Village in the summer of 2002 while still a college student together with 40 other people. “A man shot three people, soaked the group in kerosene, and threatened them with a grill lighter while carrying three pistols and a samurai sword.

She received her Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis in 2014 and is currently a member of the Leadership Council of Beyond Type One, a nonprofit organisation formed by Nick Jonas to increase awareness of Type 1 Diabetes. In Tulum, Mexico, Arzon wed investment manager Drew Butler in 2019. In 2016, she and Butler connected at a speakeasy in Manhattan’s East Village.

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