Is Rick Steves Gay? Debunking Rumors about Rick Steves!

is rick steves gay

Rick Steves’s moniker is one of the most recognizable in the field of travel and cultural exploration. Because of his enthralling television series and best-selling travel guides, Rick Steves has become a revered figure in the travel industry. However, curiosity frequently leads to inquiries about a person’s private existence. This article examines the frequently asked query, “Is Rick Steves gay?” Join us as we investigate the available data and attempt to cast light on this intriguing subject.

Is Rick Steves Gay?

is rick steves gay

Steves has never disclosed his sexual orientation in public or in the media. He strives to keep his personal and professional existence separate.

However, he is extremely devoted to his profession and has always exhibited the best of his travel experiences in his writings. However, after his divorce, his sexuality began to be questioned.

Rick Steve’s Europe, a travel documentary, brought him to the attention of the public. He spent years documenting his family’s exploration of Europe’s concealed treasures. Initially, it felt like an infinite vacation, but over the next five years, we saw less and less of his family.

Instead, Steves was investigating new, romantic locations with his male companion. It didn’t take long for fans to connect the connections and conclude that the guy is gay. However, the evidence was ambiguous.

In March 2017, the travel enthusiast stunned everyone by posting the “Gay Travel in Europe” status on Facebook, reigniting the homosexual rumors.

While the majority of LGBTQ communities commented on their experiences, some believed the author to be homosexual. Regardless, we won’t know if Steves is gay until he steps out, but multiple media outlets have claimed he is not.

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Rick Steves Has Two Children

is rick steves gay

Steves married his longtime partner Anne in the 1980s. They were married for nearly 30 years before deciding to divorce. In 2010, the couple separated due to personal differences.

The travel writer and his wife are the parents of two children, Andy and Jackie Steves. Andy, the couple’s son, continued in his father’s footsteps by founding his own travel agency, Weekend Student Adventures Europe, and penning Andy Steves’ Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget.

Jackie, his daughter, enjoys traveling with her family. Jackie and Andy are launching a new blog as they travel through Southeast Asia, he once tweeted.

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After his divorce from Anne, Steves remained unattached for an extended period. According to sources, almost nine years later, in 2019, he fell in love with Bishop Shelley Brian Wee.

Since then, the two have been in a relationship and have traveled extensively together. However, there have been no recent updates regarding their relationship or whether they are still dating.

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