Is Renee Rapp Lesbian? Exploring Renee Rapp’s Sexual Orientation!

is renee rapp lesbian

As of her birth on January 10, 2000, Reneé Mary Jane Rapp has been an active member of the American entertainment industry as both an actress and a singer. She replaced the previous Regina George in the Broadway production of Mean Girls after receiving the 2018 Jimmy Award for Best Performance by an Actress.

The Sex Lives of College Girls on HBO Max cast her as Leighton. Her extended play (EP) Everything to Everyone emerged in the fall of 2022. A deluxe edition of her EP Everything to Everyone, including two more tracks, was published in February 2023.

Renee Rapp, Is She a Lesbian?

is renee rapp lesbian

Rapp is bisexual and has experienced homophobia from others in her own social circle.

“Drawing inspiration from old pop and R&B music, and mixing it all with her current favorites, Jazmine Sullivan and Yebba,” Rapp said in an interview. Reneé has mentioned Jennifer Hudson (or “J.Hud”) as one of her favorite artists and sources of inspiration, and on January 27th, the two of them performed a duet of a J.Hud song.

There was a performance of “In Love With Another Man” on J.Hud’s YouTube show. In junior high and high school, she was a golfer.

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Who Is Reneé Rapp Now Dating?

is renee rapp lesbian

Based on her Instagram posts and comments, it seems that Reneé is single at the moment, yet she may be in a secret relationship.

In an interview for Vogue in 2021, the HBO actor said that she could identify with her Sex Lives of College Girls character Leighton since she, too, had to come out as gay to her peers at a young age.

“I’m a white, bisexual woman, so there’s a sense in which my queerness is quite palatable,” she said. “But really, so much of Leighton is me, and so much of Leighton has helped me understand myself. “Before playing Leighton, I didn’t have the best connection with my queerness, but now that it’s such a public part of who I am, I feel a lot more comfortable embracing it.

In an interview for Vulture published in November 2021, Reneé was asked how she prefers to be identified in terms of her sexuality. I’m 21 now, and there are days when I’ll go to my girlfriend and say, “We need to chat because I think I’m this.” To which I always respond, “No, I’m this.” It’s a weird and changing tale.”

Reneé expressed gratitude for living in a generation with “more grace about finding your identity and how these things change and appreciating that part of yourself” in the same interview.

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Who Has Dated Reneé Rapp?

is renee rapp lesbian

Earlier this year (2019), she was said to be dating fellow Broadway actor Antonio Cipriano. Many speculate that the couple broke up in 2021 because that’s when they stopped posting images of each other on Instagram. Even so, they continue to be Instagram followers of one another.

Antonio may look familiar because of his role as Oren Bradley in the Disney+ series National Treasure: Edge of History.

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