Is Regina King Gay? Everything You Should Know!

is regina king gay

Regina Rene King is an actress and director in the United States. She is the recipient of numerous honors, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and four Primetime Emmy Awards. She was named one of the 100 most influential persons in the world by Time magazine in 2019.

Is Regina King Gay?

is regina king gay

Regina King has not affirmed nor denied her sexual orientation, leaving her personal life a matter of discretion. As she has not made any public statements regarding her sexual orientation, speculation about her sexual orientation remains unverified.

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Regina’s Private Relationship Past

Ian Alexander: 1994 to 2007

is regina king gay

Regina’s relationship with her ex-husband, record producer Ian Alexander, lasted the longest and was the most public. The couple met in the early 1990s and welcomed their first and only child, Ian Jr., in 1996, after dating for a few years. The following year, they wed, but in 2007, after nearly a decade of marriage, they decided to divorce.

Regina later explained in an Essence-published 2020 essay that she and Ian functioned far better as co-parents and companions than as husband and wife. “It’s crazy to think that I’ve been divorced longer than I was married,” she wrote, “but I’m grateful for the journey because it brought my ex and me back to a friendship that helped us become wonderful co-parents.”

Ian Jr. passed away in January 2022. It is unclear where Regina and Ian Sr. stand following the loss of their son, but let’s hope they can still rely on one another for support.

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Malcolm-Jamal Warner: 2011 to 2013

is regina king gay

Regina discovered love again with Cosby Show alum Malcolm-Jamal Warner following her divorce from Ian (and incredibly brief dating rumors with former NBA player Quentin Richardson and actor Nicholas Gonzalez). Since the 1980s, when they were both child actors, the two had been friends, but they began dating in 2011. “I believe the universe has a plan, and we probably wouldn’t have been ready years ago,” Regina told Parade when asked about the relationship. “We both had to do whatever we needed to in order to be ready for each other now.”

Unfortunately, the relationship did not last, and breakup allegations began circulating in March 2013 after the couple had been dating for less than two years. “He said he wasn’t feeling it anymore,” a source told Us Weekly…Although Regina did not remark on the rumors at the time, it appears that Malcolm broke up with her in an unpleasant manner.

During a 2015 interview with Us Weekly, Regina was asked about the best Valentine’s Day gift she had ever received, to which she responded, “That’s tough because I don’t have one—someone broke up with me on Valentine’s.” Um?? According to her, her ex-boyfriend sent her flowers with the message “I still love you,” and although she did not identify him by name, it is highly likely that Malcolm is in question.

Malcolm congratulated Regina on her momentous Emmy win for her role in American Crime by tweeting, “Thank you for demonstrating and confirming that integrity, dignity, and success CAN coexist!” So…I suppose he has no bitter feelings?

Whether she remains unmarried or not, Regina will continue to thrive both on and off-screen.

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