Is Raquel Leviss Pregnant? The Truth Behind Her Pregnancy Buzz!

is raquel leviss pregnant

Raquel Leviss is a model and reality television personality. She rose to prominence after appearing on Vanderpump Rules. Leviss’s relationship with James Kennedy, another cast member of the program, is well-known. She has also pursued a career in modeling and has an extensive social media presence.

Is Raquel Leviss Pregnant?

is raquel leviss pregnant

On social media, Raquel Leviss was spotted wearing a flowy dress, which prompted rumors that she may be pregnant. She has expressed a desire to have children but has not formally announced her pregnancy.

Despite several indications to the contrary, she has not made an official announcement of her pregnancy, such as her recent behavior of secrecy surrounding her personal life. Raquel and her partner James have neither confirmed nor denied speculation of a pregnancy. Thus, it remains uncertain whether Raquel is pregnant or not.

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Timeline of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’s Relationship Explained

is raquel leviss pregnant

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A source told Page Six that Tom and Raquel have been intimate for months, despite the fact that we only recently discovered their covert relationship. A source revealed that they began dating in June 2022, only a few months after she ended her engagement to Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy, her fiancé of five years.

According to an Instagram direct message James sent to Deux Moi (as reported by Cosmopolitan), the two engaged in sexual activity in Tom and Ariana’s $2 million residence while she slept.

In late 2021, as if things couldn’t get any messier, Tom also helped James pay for his proposal to Raquel.

In a previous episode of Vanderpump Rules from October 2022, Tom stated, “James and I split the $25,000 bill because nothing makes me happier than helping a friend realize a lifelong ambition.”

After news of their affair went viral, both Tom and Raquel issued public apologies via Instagram. “There are no exceptions. She wrote in a post, “I am not a victim, I am responsible for my actions, and I deeply regret hurting Ariana.”

However, she and Tom should be aware that Vanderpump devotees are not easily forgiving.

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