Is Paul Stanley Gay? Separating Fact from Fiction!

is paul stanley gay

Paul Stanley is an American musician who co-founded, fronted, played rhythm guitar, and sang with the hard rock band Kiss. He is the author or co-author of a significant number of the band’s most popular songs. Stanley created the character The Starchild for his Kiss persona.

Is Paul Stanley Gay?

is paul stanley gay

Paul Stanley is one of those celebrities whose sexuality has been the subject of several rumors. Many individuals have claimed for many years that the singer is gay, despite there being little evidence to support this assertion. Nonetheless, the rumors were strong enough for the celebrity to clarify that he is not gay. Notwithstanding suspicions concerning his sexuality, the musician not only had a marriage but also dated more women than most men could ever hope to.

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Who Is the Wife of Paul Stanley?

is paul stanley gay

Currently, Stanley, 69, is married to Erin Sutton, 49. After years of courtship, the couple wed on November 19, 2005, in Pasadena, California.

Even though they originally fell in love about two decades ago after meeting in a restaurant, their love is stronger than ever. Stanley gushes about his wife in interviews and on Twitter.

On the 10th anniversary of his marriage, Stanley posted on social media: “Just 10 years ago today, I wed Erin. According to others, marriage is as limiting as a jail. My passport was my independence.”

Although Sutton frequently appears on red carpets and in public with her spouse, she maintains her personal life incredibly secret. Both her profession and her early life are unknown to the general public. Sutton’s Instagram, unlike Stanley’s social media sites, is private.

Do They Have Children?

is paul stanley gay

Together, Stanley and Sutton have three children.

In 2006, Sutton gave birth to her and Stanley’s first child, a son called Colin Michael Stanley. They received their first daughter, Sarah Brianna Stanley, about three years later. 2011 marked the birth of their third child, a daughter named Emily Grace Stanley.

The KISS guitarist and vocalist frequently expresses his appreciation for his family by posting images of his children on social media.

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Was Paul Stanley Previously Married?

is paul stanley gay

Indeed, Sutton is Stanley’s second wife. He was previously married to American actress Pamela Bowen. The couple was together from 1992 to 2001, and they had a 27-year-old son, Evan Stanley.

Evan and the musician have a tight bond.

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