Can We Assume That Paul Solomon Is No Longer Alive?

is paul solomon still alive

Former American elementary schoolteacher Carolyn Warmus was sentenced to life in prison in 1989 for the murder of Betty Jeanne Solomon, 40, the wife of Warmus’s lover. Warmus’ first murder trial in 1991 ended in a hung jury, but she was found guilty of second-degree murder and illegal possession of a firearm at her second trial in 1992. As of the 17th of June, 2019, she was granted parole after serving 27 years for the murder she committed.

Can We Assume that Paul Solomon Is Alive?

None of the verified sources have mentioned the revelations regarding Paul Solomon’s death, therefore he may still be alive. As was said earlier, Solomon now avoids contact with the press.

The Fatal Attraction Murder case, however, brought Solomon back into the public eye, and people once again began inquiring about his whereabouts. In addition, his girlfriend Warmus was freed from prison at the beginning of 2019.

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From then on, she will be allowed to leave prison at a much younger age. Sometime in the future, it seems, she will be under pressure to complete a task or take part in a serious intellectual or professional program. As of March 26, 2022, her case and the nuances of her preliminary were widely disseminated.

In Reference to Solomon

Solomon wed his US Air Force sweetheart in 1970; after a period of happiness, the pair began experiencing infidelity issues.

Solomon discovered his wife dead in their Greenburgh condo on January 15. Nine bullets pierced her skull, spine, and legs.

When authorities learned that Solomon had been having an affair with Carolyn Warmus, they immediately began to suspect him.

More inquiries eventually discovered evidence pointing to Carolyn as the culprit, and she was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm.

Since Solomon was granted immunity by the DA, he testified against his ex-lover at trial; nevertheless, the jury couldn’t reach a verdict. Carolyn was found guilty and given a sentence of 25 years to life in prison, despite the defense attorney’s best efforts to place the blame for the murder on Solomon.

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