Is Paul Anka Still Alive? Phony Death Report of Canadian Star Shocked His Fans!

is paul anka still alive

Paul Anka, who is presently 81 years old, was born on July 30, 1941. Canada’s Ottawa, Ontario, is where he was born. His full name is Paul Albert Anka, although he goes by Paul Anka these days. He was raised in the established Camelia and Andrew Emile family. His ancestors once owned the Locanda eatery. His mother is from Lebanon, while his father was born in Damascus, Syria. He was 18 years old when his mother passed away.

He began studying music at an early age and joined the choir at St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral, where he studied under Frederick Karam. Winnifred Rees has taught him how to play the piano as well. With the money he received from his uncle, he relocated to New York City. Actor and singer Paul Anka is now well-known.

Is Paul Anka Still Alive?

is paul anka still alive

Concern among fans worldwide was raised earlier this week as news of singer Paul Anka’s passing circulated swiftly. The January 2023 rumor, however, has already been revealed to be a total fabrication and is only the most recent in a long line of false celebrity death stories. Thankfully, the singer best known for hits like Diana and Lonely Boy is still with us.

A death fake for Paul Anka spreads on Facebook

After receiving over one million “likes” on its Facebook page, the “R.I.P. Paul Anka” page, rumors about the singer’s purported passing gathered steam on Monday. The biography provided a credible narrative of the Canadian singer’s passing to those who read it:

“On Monday, January 30, 2023, at around 11 a.m. ET, our cherished vocalist Paul Anka died away. On July 30, 1941, Paul Anka was born in Ottawa. Though missed, he won’t be forgotten. Comment on and like this page to express your compassion and sympathies.

Immediately after learning of the talented 81-year-old singer and songwriter’s passing, hundreds of admirers began posting condolence notes on the Facebook page. The death fake caused the Twittersphere to go crazy, as usual.

While some gullible followers trusted the message, others were instantly doubtful of the story, possibly having learned their lesson from the numerous phony celebrity death stories that have surfaced in recent months. Some claimed that the rumor was a hoax because no major Canadian network had reported it, despite the fact that the passing of a famous performer like Paul Anka would have made national news.

According to a recent survey done for the Celebrity Post, a vast majority of participants (83%) believe the Paul Anka death rumors are no longer amusing.

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Paul Anka’s Death Hoax Discredited Since the Singer Is “Alive and Well.”

Paul Anka’s representatives publicly declared him to be alive on Tuesday, January 31. “He now joins the lengthy list of famous people who have fallen for this scam. Stop trusting anything you read online; he is still alive and healthy, they advised.

Some fans are upset about the false claim, calling it careless, upsetting, and damaging to the singer’s devoted followers. Others claim that this demonstrates his incredibly widespread appeal.

He tweeted on 31st January 2023 that he will be performing this year on the Malt Shop Memories Cruise! From Ft. Lauderdale to Aruba and Curaçao he is so excited about this

He also posted on Instagram his favorite song “Diana” and asked everyone to stream it on Spotify!


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Where Is Paul Anka Now?

Paul Anka travels to different places right now because he acts in different music shows and other shows.

The 80-year-old singer is still active and regularly performs his new songs and other music collections. , but the Canadian singer also performs in shows and meetings put on for him.

From this, it’s clear that the musician is in good enough physical shape to go to different parts of the world and perform on occasion. Even so, the untouchables don’t know his exact location or where he stays.

Paul Anka is currently on tour in one country, and he has 13 concerts coming up. Their next tour stop is at Sycuan Casino Resort in El Cajon, and then they’ll go to Cerritos Center.

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