Is Noah Beck Gay? The Answer You’ve Been Searching For!

is noah beck gay

Noah Timothy Beck is an American social media influencer best known for his TikTok content. Beck was a midfielder for the men’s Portland Pilots soccer team in 2019.

Is Noah Beck Gay?

is noah beck gay

No, Noah Beck is not gay. Since the beginning of his career, rumors concerning Noah’s sexuality have haunted him. He has even been accused of dating James Charles and engaging in gay baiting. Noah has affirmed, however, that he is heterosexual. Noah responded to the James dating rumors on Instagram by stating, “I love James, but yes, I’m straight.” In June 2021, he also posted a TikTok video dispelling the gay rumors.

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Relationship Record of Noah Beck

The Relationship Between Addison Rae and Noah

is noah beck gay

In 2020, it was believed that Noah Beck was dating the TikTok sensation and actor Addison Rae. Nonetheless, he refuted all the rumors and speculations. The allegations about their relationship began when they frequently appeared in each other’s TikTok videos.

Beck later clarified that there is no romantic relationship between them; they are simply friends and fellow social media influencers. In reality, Bryce Hall and Addison Rae were dating at the time, and Bryce’s best friend is Beck. Beck and Hall used to work together and appear in one another’s music videos.

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Dixie D’amelio and Noah Beck

is noah beck gay

Who is unfamiliar with Dixie D’Amelio? Dixie is the sister of Charli D’Amelio, and both have millions of followers on social media. Dixie dated Griffin Johnson prior to dating Noah, and their connection was a topic of conversation. Griffin’s infidelity with Dixie was disclosed by Chase Hudson, the ex-boyfriend of her sister when he confessed the affair to her.

This announcement generated a great deal of trolling and hostility on social media. Thus, Dixie and Griffin parted up, and she was soon sighted with another Sway House member and TikTok sensation, Noah Beck. Fans believe they will begin dating in August 2020. Both refuted the rumors, including Charli. During the remix of the music video BE HAPPY, the two drew close.

Beck confirmed he was dating Dixie D’Amelio in October 2020. Both appeared on a podcast to address fan inquiries regarding their connection. The duo is incredibly endearing and always makes each other feel special. Since 2020, they’ve been in a relationship and frequently post Instagram photos together.

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