Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally Are the Funniest Couple of The Decade!

is nick offerman married

One funny person? Great. Two hilarious people? Even better. But two people who are funny together? Well, that’s just about as good as it gets. Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are a great example of a funny couple who manage to combine their love for each other with their great sense of humor. The movies and TV shows they’ve been in together are more proof of this.

Offerman’s new role on Devs takes him away from comedy. He plays Forest, the CEO of the company Amaya, which does quantum computing. And even though it sounds simple, there could be plot twists, drama, and even murder.

In honor of Offerman’s new role, we decided to look back at his relationship with Mullally. Here’s what you need to know about comedy’s funniest couple.

How Did Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally Meet?

is nick offerman married

When Offerman and Mullally first crossed paths in Los Angeles in 2000 while they were both performing in a play titled The Berlin Circle, they both admitted to Buzzfeed that they felt strong chemistry right away.

Mullally clarified: “We may have been the only two visitors from outside the corporation. We had never before collaborated with that theatre organization. We had a number of sequences together, and I suddenly realized that he was humorous. And after that, I wondered, “Wait a minute, is he cute?” What is going on?”

The provider said, “I recalled asking myself, “Wait a sec—is she a fucking genius? Is she gazing at me, I wonder? Grrrrr! She is attractive.”

Mullally, who was then 41, thought Offerman was in his late 30s at the time. He was actually just 29 years old, and she admitted to being disappointed when she learned this from GQ: “He seemed dated in my opinion. And because he was mature, I screamed, “You motherf*****,” when I learned that he was 29. Furthermore, I nearly drove my car off the road.”

Soon after, they began dating, and in 2001, Offerman had a guest appearance on Will & Grace.

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When They Got Married?

is nick offerman married

After dating for roughly 18 months, Offerman and Mullally surprised their friends and fans by getting married in September 2003. Their 20 guests, which included Mullally’s Will & Grace co-stars Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes, and Debra Messing, believed that they were only attending a pre-Emmys party because their wedding was really the day before the awards show.

The day after her wedding, Mullally donned the same white bustier top and leggings to the actual Emmys.

In a 2013 online Q&A for The AV Club, Mullally and Offerman discussed their decision to wed, with Offerman stating that they did so because “Immediately after falling in love, it was clear that we wanted to stay together and start a life together. We wanted to publicly state that we were in it to win it for each other, as well as for our friends and family. It’s vital to remember that neither of us had any control over how it would turn out. In fact, when we collided with it, we were both sorts of gazing in the opposite direction.”


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Are Nick and Mullally Still Together?

The fact that Offerman and Mullally are still married and content makes the world a better place. The pair regularly collaborates at work: Mullally portrayed Offerman’s ex-wife in several Parks and Recreation episodes, and Offerman made a second appearance on the Will & Grace revival in 2018. They also collaborated on the voices for Bob’s Burgers and Hotel Transylvania 2 as well as The Kings of Summer and Smashed. They embarked on a raunchy live comedy tour in 2014, and in 2018, they published a book about their relationship called The Greatest Love Story Ever Told. It quickly rose to New York Times Bestseller status.

The pair stated to New York Magazine that they have a rule that prevents them from being away for longer than two weeks. They also stated that they have no issues with working and living together.

“We adore cooperating. We already know we’ll get along if we travel together or use the same dressing room. We get along great at home,” Mullally told USA Today. We frequently get the question, “Are you crazy? How can you choose to go to work with my wife, whom I can hardly tolerate every day after work? “Well, it seems extremely terrible for you, because we just enjoy each other,” we reply.

Offerman spoke openly about their marital and professional partnership with Boston’s WBUR NPR station. “I’m really trying to make her laugh right now, if I could do anything to try and make you laugh. It’s that toolkit, you know. She is therefore not just my wife and dearest friend, but also my instructor in many ways and a legend of comedy. She likes a living Mel Brooks film. Therefore, it would be foolish and unmasculine of me to ignore the fact that my wife is a champion in the exact sport that I strive to be the best in.

One of the first husband and wife pairs to ever co-host an awards presentation, the couple even co-hosted the 37th Film Independent Spirit Awards in 2022.

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Do They Have Children?

is nick offerman married

Mullally and Offerman disclosed to GQ in 2017 that they don’t have children.

“I never had a strong urge to start a family. But once I met Nick, I realized that he was the only person with whom I would do this. We thus attempted, but I was a little too old for that kind of stuff, “Mullally elucidated. “But we refrained from making it a soap opera. We attempted it for nearly a year, but it didn’t work out. We saw this as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be.”

Mullally said to People that they prefer to binge-watch TV at home with their dogs when they aren’t working. Their favorite programs? The Bachelor and Survivor.

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