Actor Murray Bartlett Confirms Long-Term Relationship with His Partner!

is murray bartlett married

Murray Bartlett has been in the entertainment business since the 1980s. He started out in his native Australia, where he was born, and then moved to New York in the early 2000s. He even made his first appearance in the United States on Sex and the City. In a Season 4 episode, he and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) go to gay bars. Fans probably know him best as Armond, the angry and horny hotel manager in The White Lotus who gets messed over in the end. It was a part for which he won his first Emmy.

In Hulu’s Welcome to Chippendales, he now plays Nick De Noia, the famous choreographer of male striptease routines. And in January, Bartlett will join The Last of Us, HBO’s version of the popular video game from ten years ago. In the zombie-filled, post-apocalyptic series, he’ll play Frank to Nick Offerman’s Bill.

In 2021, the actor who was openly gay talked to GQ about why he chose to come out early in his career. “When I was younger, I thought about whether or not I should be out,” Bartlett told the outlet. “But I never felt like lying about myself was an option.” He thinks that “people knew I was gay, so I may have missed out on some parts,” but he has no regrets. “I’ve had a lot of great chances to play great gay roles.”

Murray Bartlett Openly Admits That He Is Gay

is murray bartlett married

The openly homosexual actor spoke with GQ in 2021 about his decision to come out at a young age in his career. When I was younger, I debated whether or not I ought to be out, Bartlett said to the publication. But I never considered the possibility of lying about myself. Although he believes that he may have missed out on some things because “people knew I was homosexual,” he has no regrets. I’ve had a number of fantastic opportunities to portray fantastic LGBT characters.

It’s understandable to question if Bartlett is already taken because of how many notable parts he’s taken on and how compelling the love subplots in the majority of them are. Despite spending more than 30 years in the spotlight, the actor is exceedingly secretive about his romantic relationships. Here is all the information you want on Bartlett’s love life.

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So Who Is Murray Bartlett’s Life Partner?

Fans got a glimpse of his romantic life when he specifically mentioned a partner in one of his acceptance speeches. In his acceptance speech for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in September 2022, Bartlett praised his SO. The White Lotus actor remarked, “Thank you, Matt, for being my safe spot,” after thanking his mother and friends.

Barlett spoke further about his “companion” in his 2023 January discussion with Mr. Porter. They have a border collie rescue named Bo, and his partner moved from New York City to Provincetown, a small Massachusetts town, just before the lockdown in 2019. I feel like something huge is going to happen, and I don’t want us to live in the city, his partner had stated, Bartlett recalled. The timeframe agrees with what he says in the interview despite the fact that he omits Matt’s name.

Additionally, it’s unclear how long the two had been dating prior to their major relocation, although at least three years had already gone.

Bartlett also briefly explained to Mr. Porter how his boyfriend has two very distinct personalities. He admitted, “I’m an emotional guy. He doesn’t jump into the snake pit with me, which I find both intriguing and annoying at times. At first, I was thinking, “Come on!” “Enter now!” And it left me feeling rather adrift.

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Murray Bartlett Says His Partner Was ‘Really Affected’ by Seeing Him Aged Up

is murray bartlett married

As age and disease take their toll on the character, Bartlett’s Frank gradually starts to look haggard and grey. The Australian actor said that his partner was “very impacted” by seeing him appear so elderly at a recent roundtable interview with Bartlett and Offerman, which The Independent was present for.

Bartlett expressed his admiration for the hair and makeup artists who aged him cosmetically for the presentation, saying, “Man, they just did such a fantastic job.”

“I will admit that the episode had a significant impact on my girlfriend, with whom I watched it… At the conclusion, he turned to me and said, “I don’t want you to get sick” (laughter). He clearly had a hard time disconnecting from the reality that he was seeing me in a TV program because he internalized it so much, which I consider to be a positive indicator.

Although the possibility of my becoming ill as I age is not good, Bartlett said, “the integrity of the job was powerful for him.” With the development of CGI, Offerman added, “I believe we truly have learned to take things for granted.” He also gave credit to the hair and makeup team.

These painters have spent hours covering us with their brushes, glue, paint, powder, sawdust, spit, and bubblegum while making these masterpieces. Additionally, if they did their work well, it is invisible and you cannot see it. They make us seem amazing, and no one ever understands how much work goes into them, so I wish they were more well-known.

They were extremely careful and simply artists, and it would make for very long days because it takes a long time to accomplish such stuff, Bartlett concurred. When they were completed, “I mean, you felt like you were staring at a masterpiece in the mirror.”

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