Murray Bartlett, the Star of “The Last of Us,” Is He Gay?

is murray bartlett gay

Murray Bartlett has been in the entertainment business since the 1980s. He started out in his native Australia, where he was born, and then moved to New York in the early 2000s. He even made his first appearance in the United States on Sex and the City. In a Season 4 episode, he and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) go to gay bars. Fans probably know him best as Armond, the angry and horny hotel manager in The White Lotus who gets messed over in the end. It was a part for which he won his first Emmy.

In Hulu’s Welcome to Chippendales, he now plays Nick De Noia, the famous choreographer of male striptease routines. And in January, Bartlett will join The Last of Us, HBO’s version of the popular video game from ten years ago. In the zombie-filled, post-apocalyptic series, he’ll play Frank to Nick Offerman’s Bill.

Murray Bartlett Openly Admits That He Is Gay

is murray bartlett gay

In 2021, the actor who was openly gay talked to GQ about why he chose to come out early in his career. “When I was younger, I thought about whether or not I should be out,” Bartlett told the outlet. “But I never felt like lying about myself was an option.” He thinks that “people knew I was gay, so I may have missed out on some parts,” but he has no regrets. “I’ve had a lot of great chances to play great gay roles.”

Bartlett has played a lot of famous roles, and most of them have pretty interesting romantic plots, so it’s natural to wonder if he’s already taken. Even though he has been in the public eye for over 30 years, the actor keeps his love life very private. Here’s everything you need to know about Bartlett’s dating life.

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Is Bartlett Dating Matt?

When he named a partner in one of his acceptance speeches, fans got a quick look at his love life. When Bartlett won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in September 2022, he gave a speech in which he thanked his SO. Between thanking his friends and his mother, The White Lotus star said, “Thank you, Matt, for being my safe place.”

In his interview with Mr. Porter in January 2023, Barlett talked more about his “partner.” The two of them have a rescue border collie named Bo, and his partner had the foresight to move from New York City to a small town in Massachusetts called Provincetown in 2019 right before the lockdown. Bartlett remembered that his partner had said, “I feel like something big is going to happen, and I don’t want us to live in the city.” Even though he doesn’t say Matt’s name, the timeline fits with what he says in the interview.


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It’s also not clear how long the two had been together before their big move, but at least three years had passed.

Bartlett also told Mr. Porter a little bit about how his partner has very different personalities. “I’m an emotional person,” he said. “One thing I find interesting and sometimes frustrating is that he doesn’t jump into the snake pit with me. I was like, “Come on!” at first. “Come in!” And it made me feel a little lost.”

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He Loves to Play Intimate Gay Characters in Movies

Murray Bartlett, star of “White Lotus” and “Looking,” spoke candidly about his experiences playing homosexual characters, learning dance steps for “Physical” and “Welcome to Chippendales,” and the acclaimed rimming sequence from “White Lotus,” Season 1.

According to Bartlett’s interview with the Daily Beast, “Early in his career, Bartlett came out as homosexual, but he doesn’t simply portray gay roles in movies. He portrays gay characters who engage in sexual activity, and the viewer witnesses this activity. That still feels inappropriate in 2022.”

At that point, the article mentioned how Murray played Nick di Nioia in Hulu’s eight-episode limited series “Welcome to Chippendales,” and how he depicted “important, realistic [sex] moments in ‘Tales of the City’ and ‘Looking,'” respectively.

“It always seems like a burden when you get the chance to play a character who is a member of a culture that is underrepresented in the media, Murray said to the Daily Beast in the interview. How can I truly humanize and authentically portray this character in a way that would be enlightening for others who do not know any LGBT people?”

I believe that some people are still a bit unaccustomed to seeing the closeness between homosexual characters, Bartlett remarked. “And being able to depict closeness between characters is something that is universal.” The 51-year-old Australian continued: “Any moments of convergence we can find in these polarised times… It’s a lovely thing.”

But of course, so was that enthralling sequence in “White Lotus,” which Bartlett and his co-star Lucas Gage developed together.

While he’s doing promotion for “Welcome to Chippendales,” the Daily Beast labeled it “the type of zeitgeist-seizing TV moment that will follow an actor forever” and admitted that “it’s something that everyone is inclined to bring up.”

That will unavoidably be the situation, Bartlett informed the source.

The actor said, “I thought it was so fantastic because it complemented that moment so completely. It was startling in all the right places and natural in all the right places, as it should have been.

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