Is Monica Beets Still Married? Unearthing Gold Rush Star’s Relationship Status

is monica beets still married

Is Monica Beets still married? She wed a man who had mining industry ties. A well-known reality TV star and billionaire, Monica Beets. Given how infrequently her spouse has shown in her Instagram posts, some wonder if Monica Beets is still married. Find out whether Monica Beets is still married here.

Monica Beets, Who Is She?

A rich and well-known reality TV personality, Monica Beets. She is Tony Beets’s daughter, a gold miner. Together with her father, Monica is a well-known Canadian miner who has been on the Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush.” She is currently 28 years old and was born on November 7, 1993. She started her career early and has had success. You may find the solution to the query “Is Monica Beets Still Married?” in this article. Look at Monica Beet’s biography first.

Specifications Details
Name Monica Beets
Age 28
Date of Birth November 7, 1993
Husband Taylor Maynes
Children Jasmine
Net Worth $2 million

Who is the Spouse of Monica Beets?

is monica beets still married

Monica grew raised in the gold mining industry. Monica Beets, is she married? Yes. She married a man who had mining ties of his own. Yes. While at work, she met Taylor Myles, and they ultimately got married. A greater Gold Rush star is Monica. Also, gold mining runs in Monica and Taylor’s families. Before she met Taylor, she had a connection with fellow miner Brandon Harper. But, their union came to an end. On August 11, 2018, Monica and Taylor exchanged vows in Dawson City, Canada.

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Is Monica Beets Still Married?

There is some skepticism over the possibility of Monica and Taylor’s breakup. Yet, it appears that it is only a rumor. Taylor has never been a frequent contributor to Monica’s Instagram account, which she has. It appears that the pair made the decision to keep their romance a secret. So, it is clear that the reports linking their separation are untrue. It seems like Taylor and Monica are getting along well these days. Monica has more than 100k followers on her Instagram account. Her Instagram post is shown below.


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Where Is the Husband of Monica Beets?

Little details about Monica and Taylor were made public since they like to keep their love life secret. Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein is Monica’s dog. In August 2020, Monica said on Instagram that she had known Doyle for 7.5 years and that she felt he was wonderful.

Although under 30, Monica has been working in mining for more than 10 years due to her father’s tremendous enthusiasm for the industry. When she was 12 years old, her father put her in a front-end loader and instructed her to decide what to do next. They had been working together since Monica found the answer.

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Does Monica Beets Have Any Kids?

Monica announced her pregnancy in a very quiet manner. In the season 11 episode from August 14 that had her climbing into an excavator, she informed her brother that she was expecting a child. Tony indicated a “granddaughter” on the way and announced that they were having a girl.


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In the Gold Rush – Winter’s Fortune: Force of Nature episode, Monica claimed to be pregnant while still being smaller than both of them. Tony kind of said to be careful with his granddaughter. The offspring of Monica and Taylor is Jasmine. Monica shared pictures of the baby girl on Instagram.

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