Is Mike Holmes Married: How Many Kids He Has?

is mike holmes married

Mike James Holmes, a Canadian builder, has been called “the most trusted contractor in North America.” His forte was advising clients on how to spot flaws in their newly restored dwellings, which is how he became well-known in the industry. The issues he found often necessitated a complete renovation of the house.

Holmes’s reality shows center on his heroic rescue efforts. Holmes on Homes, Holmes in New Orleans, Holmes: Makes It Right, Retooled, and most recently, Holmes 911, all starred him.

is mike holmes married

Does Anyone Know if Mike Holmes Is Tied the Knot?

The internet is full of speculation that Mike secretly tied the knot, but as far as anyone knows, Mike hasn’t confirmed or denied these reports. Even so, that doesn’t imply he doesn’t have a significant other. He is in a long-term relationship with a model named Anna Zappia, although he doesn’t talk about it often.

Even though they’ve reportedly been together since the year 2000, the pair has reportedly never had any children. The rumor persists that Mike treats Anna like a wife.

Although, Mike is not a virgin. Wendi Sheppard was his first wife. He reportedly had a childhood girlfriend, but they split up in the ’90s when the economy was down. Mike’s company apparently suffered greatly during the recession, and the couple’s marital problems spread for the rest of their lives.

Mike’s Three Children, Amanda, Mike Jr., and Sherry, Make Him a Very Happy Dad

Mike is the proud father of three wonderful children: Amanda, Mike Holmes Jr., and Sherry. And in terms of profession, they appear to follow in their father’s footsteps. You can check out some of the home improvement projects he and Sherry or his kid have worked on together on his Instagram.

While her father is a TV star, Sherry has also made appearances. Their show, Holmes Family Effect, features all three of them as they refurbish the homes of those less fortunate.

Mike is the proud grandparent of a granddaughter, too. Sometimes grandpa may post a picture of his granddaughter, Cali, whom his daughter Sherry has. His children are all married.

Amanda, Mike’s eldest child, opted for a different path. Amanda prefers to keep a low profile in contrast to her famous father and TV-star siblings. She isn’t following in her family’s footsteps by working in the construction industry or making an appearance on any of the shows her relatives star in.

Mike Has Three Kids, and Two of Them Work Alongside Him in The Family Construction Firm

is mike holmes married

Sherry and Mike Jr. both came to the construction sector from unrelated backgrounds. Mike Jr. disclosed to Kobo that he had helped out his father for free as a volunteer but had no desire to take a paid position with him. Once he started working alongside Mike Jr., though, he began to develop a genuine passion for building.

According to Mike Jr., “I worked for dad for years before getting involved on the television side and fell in love with the trade itself.” Mike Jr. has started to carve out a livelihood for himself in television and is a talented handyman.

Throughout Holmes: Next Generation, we see Mike Jr. and his family banding together to aid struggling households. All of these initiatives have a heart. Each one has a unique and inspiring backstory, and we maintain relationships with a few of the homeowners to this day. “It was a great project to be a part of,” Mike stated.

Sherry’s upbringing in the building industry was facilitated by her father. But she hadn’t planned on working in that field. After assisting with the reconstruction of homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina, Sherry realized she had found her calling in her father’s profession. Amazing,” Sherry exclaimed to the Times Colonist. “If I had to do it all over again, I would.”

Mike appreciates the extra time he gets to spend with his kids when they help out around the house. At the beginning of April 2021, he captioned a photo of Mike Jr. and Sherry as follows:

If they didn’t help me out, I’d never get to see my kids. That’s the way the filming and building industries work. I’m grateful that they don’t just assist me in my profession, but that they actually want to aid others.

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