The Rookie Star Mekia Cox Is a Proud Mother of Two

is mekia cox pregnant

Mekia Cox is an American actress and dancer. She is best known for her roles as Sasha in seasons two and three of the CW drama 90210, Dr. Robyn Charles in the NBC medical drama Chicago Med, and a dancer in the Michael Jackson concert series This Is It and the related film Michael Jackson’s This Is It.

It Was Reported in January 2022 that Mekia Cox Was Expecting Her Second Child

Mekia is a successful actress who rose to fame thanks to her roles in the critically acclaimed shows Chicago Med and The Rookie. Several years ago, she became a regular on The Rookie as Nyla Harper, a police detective who spent a great deal of time in covert operations, and she quickly gained a devoted fan base.

In January 2022, Mekia announced her second pregnancy via Twitter and Instagram, wherein she thanked the writers of The Rookie for changing Nyla’s plot in light of the news.

“Thanks so much to Alexi Hawley and the rest of the staff at The Rookie for including my pregnancy in the program. I’m so glad to be a part of a show where being pregnant is something to be celebrated, “On January 24th, 2022, Mekia made a tweet.

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Mekia kept her pregnancy a secret from the media, but after the birth, she changed her mind. The celebrity mother announced the birth of her second child, a daughter, on Instagram on May 18, 2022. Her daughter was born on May 13, 2022.

As Mekia described it: “For choose us to be your family, I offer my deepest gratitude. You, our brand-new little princess, have our hearts.”

Due to her low Instagram activity, May 2022 reveal post about her second daughter is the most current example of Mekia’s presence on the platform as of this writing.

Mekia told One Chicago Center that she filmed the 2019 drama If Not Now, When? while expecting her first child, so this wasn’t her first time juggling work and home responsibilities.

“I was pregnant, just like my character was,” she explained. “Thus, there were an excessive number of analogies. To put it simply, I felt compelled to take on the part. In a way, it’s as if this part was made for me to play it.”

Baby Leach Was Born to Mekia and Britt in December 2018

Mekia tied the knot with basketball commentator Britt Leach on April 28 of this year. The reception for Mekia and Britt was held in the Miami, Florida nightclub Samsara Gardens.

She told the Knot News, “My family has a tradition of going to the Redlands on Christmas Eve to buy the most amazing sticky buns ever produced.” Mekia said that the Samsara Gardens are now among the most sought-after venues for weddings in the Miami area.

Mekia and Britt’s kid was born in December of 2018, making her 3 years old now.

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