Is Maya Hawke Dating Anyone? the Inside Story of Her Relationship with Spencer Barnett!

is maya hawke dating anyone

Here, we’ll talk about Maya Hawke’s boyfriend. Stranger Things Season 4 is currently airing, and fans are eager to learn more about Maya’s personal life, particularly if she is seeing anybody. Beginning with the foundations, Maya Ray Thurman Hawke received her acting abilities from her parents, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. They’re both fantastic actors.

She has a few more notable works in addition to her part as Robin Buckley in the aforementioned Netflix series. The Good Lord Bird, Fear Street Part One: 1994, Human Capital, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and more films are included. If you’re one of Maya’s die-hard admirers, you’ll be pleased to learn that her latest comedy-drama series, Asteroid City, will be released this year.

We’re here to talk about Maya Hawk’s love interest because we know her various acting talents and a couple of her works. Well, when it comes to her personal life, this rising celebrity is quite discreet. However, she was unable to conceal her partner from the camera and was thus captured. The couple was seen kissing, which fanned speculations that she was dating in real life. It’s not her Stranger Things co-star, for sure. So, who exactly is he? Let’s take a closer look at Maya Hawke’s boyfriend in this post.

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Maya Hawke Is Dating Who?

is maya hawke dating anyone

Maya, like many other celebrities, likes to keep her personal life private. On February 14, 2022, she couldn’t help but show off some PDA with her boyfriend, Spencer Barnett. As they traveled around the streets of New York City, the Daily Mail snapped a few images of the couple sharing kisses and generally having a wonderful time.

Spencer, like Maya, appears to be passionate about music and is now on tour. Spencer is the son of Shaklee Corporation CEO Roger Barnett and former Manhattan district attorney Sloan Barnett, according to the Daily Mail. Although it’s unknown how the two met, Spencer appears to be acquainted with Maya’s brother Levon, which might explain their friendship.

Maya Hawke’s Boyfriend: Who Is Maya Hawke’s Love Interest?

is maya hawke dating anyone

When it comes to Maya Hawke’s boyfriend, the actress looks to be dating Spencer Barnett, the love of her life. Spencer Barnett is a musical artist who rose to notoriety with his album Welcome To My Mind, in case you haven’t heard of him. How To Get Over You, Reckless, Torture, Blood Bank, Into The Dark, Dancing, and a few others are some of his singles. If you haven’t already, you should listen to these. Spencer is also recognized for his father, Roger Barnett, who is the CEO of Shaklee Corporation, in addition to his professional accomplishments.

Maya Hawke was photographed kissing her boyfriend, Spencer Barnett, on February 14, 2022. Walking around the streets of New York City, they were having a terrific time. The pair was shot again a few days later, this time in Paris, France. It is still unknown how they met and when their romance grew. Spencer, on the other hand, is said to be friendly with Maya’s brother, Levon.

That clarifies everything else. Both of them have tried to keep their personal romantic connection a secret. Fans can’t get enough of Maya and Spencer’s relationship. They really look wonderful together and are a fantastic fit! They haven’t seen one other in a few months. However, neither of them has verified anything as of yet. What does it matter? People have already made up their minds.

Maya Has Previously Been Associated with A Number of Guys, Including Tom Sturridge.


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In July 2020, Maya dated Sandman actor Tom Sturridge. Because of the age difference, their romance created quite a fuss (Hawke was 22 and Sturridge was 35). Until around January 2022, the couple was regularly sighted in New York City. Tom is most known for his past marriage to actress Sienna Miller, with whom he had a kid.

Maya was apparently dating Rolling Stone President and Chief Operating Officer Gus Wenner before meeting Tom in February 2019. Maya shared a romantic Instagram photo of the two together at the moment, but admirers soon discovered they had split up. She also teased that her upcoming album, “Blush,” which will be released in June 2020, may contain references to her own relationship issues.

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Maya Hawke’s Past Relationships

Maya began dating Tom Sturridge, the actor in the film Sandman, in July 2020. This affair caused quite a stir due to their age difference (Hawke was 22 and Sturridge was 35). The pair were regularly seen in New York City until early January 2022. Tom is perhaps most known for his previous marriage to Sienna Miller, with whom he shares a kid.

Prior to meeting Tom in February, Maya was said to be dating Rolling Stone President and Chief Operating Officer Gus Wenner. Maya posted a sweet Instagram photo of the couple together at the time, but followers soon realized that they were no longer together. She also hinted that references to her personal marital difficulties may appear on her forthcoming album, “Blush.”