Is Matt Rife Gay? A Deep Dive Into His Sexuality!

is matt rife gay

As an American comedian and actor, Matthew Steven Rife is most known for his self-produced comedy special Only Fans and his involvement in the comedic competition series Bring the Funny.

Is Matt Rife Gay?

is matt rife gay

The possibility that Rife is gay has been widely discussed. The comedian’s tweet “If you don’t like homosexual people, you’re probably out of shape” sparked the controversy.

While performing stand-up comedy in December 2021, Rife did reveal that he is not gay.

He told a tale about his experience with pornographic movies. Afterward, he decided to check out a graphic gay film that had attracted his eye.

Yet it was a disappointment, and he came to terms with the fact that he was not gay.

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Is Matt Dating Someone?

There’s no denying that Matt Rife has good looks, wit, and dedication. There is much interest in the comedian’s romantic life from his admirers because he possesses all the qualities necessary to win over any woman.

The artist has always been outspoken about his work, but he prefers to keep his personal life under wraps. Well, I can see why he would feel that way.

This means that by 2023 there is far less information available regarding Matt Rife’s girlfriend. He appears to be completely preoccupied with his professional and other pursuits at the moment.

Rife also dated actress Kate Beckinsale in the past. He has recently settled in the Los Angeles area.


is matt rife gay

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Just Fans (2021), a self-produced comedy special by Rife, has brought him widespread acclaim as a comic, and Rife appeared on Bring the Funny in 2019, making it all the way to the Semi-Final Showcase before being eliminated in week 8.

Among his many acting credits include guest spots on the sketch comedy and improv game show Wild ‘n Out, the recurring role of Brandon Bliss on the comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and the recurring role of Logan on the sitcom Fresh Off the Boat. Rife also appears as a paranormal investigator on the channel “Overnight” on YouTube. Rife inked a contract with CAA in December 2022. (CAA). On February 14, 2023, he released a Valentine’s Day album simply titled Matthew Steven Rife (2023).

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