Youtube Star Marzia Kjellberg’s Pregnancy Announcement

Marzia Kjellberg, née Bisognin, is an Italian internet personality and entrepreneur born on October 21, 1992. Kjellberg, who gained popularity for her videos on the now-defunct CutiePieMarzia YouTube account, has also dabbled in writing, fashion design, and business. PewDiePie, a Swedish YouTuber, and she are married. On January 16, 2012, Marzia Kjellberg (then Bisognin) set up the CutiePieMarzia YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel featured videos on DIY, literature, movies, vlogs, hauls, cosmetics, fashion, and video games. Additionally, Kjellberg frequently posted travel vlogs. Kjellberg, who is Italian, spoke in her videos in English. The Platform, a division of Maker Studios, acquired Kjellberg. But by 2018, Re6l, a Toronto-based business engaged in influencer media and e-commerce, would oversee her e-commerce endeavours.

Marzia Kjellberg’s pregnancy reveal

Internet records have been set as YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, also known online as PewDiePie, said he is expecting his first child with his wife, Marzia. Kjellberg wed Marzia Bisognin, a fellow content creator, in late 2019. Kjellberg held the top spot for YouTube subscribers before MrBeast surpassed him in November.

Last year, the couple relocated from Brighton to Japan, where they now reside with their two dogs, Momo and Edgar. The influencer revealed their most recent life update on Sunday to their 111 million YouTube subscribers, saying: “I’ve been concealing a secret from you guys, and that is I’m going to be a parent.

“I’m just so grateful that everything has been going so smoothly,” Marzia said after we first learned she was expecting in November. “I’m thrilled. I find it strange because we’re moving into unfamiliar ground, but Marzia and I both feel very prepared.

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Marzia Kjellberg’s early life and career

The Wall Street Journal stated in May 2014 that Kjellberg’s YouTube channel, one of the most well-known in the beauty and makeup category, attracted more than 16 million visitors each month. According to reports, Kjellberg’s viewers are primarily females between the ages of 13 and 24 who utilise his videos as resources. “Marzipans” is how Kjellberg refers to her followers.

Kjellberg made several appearances on her ex-boyfriend Felix Kjellberg’s channel. Felix, a.k.a. “PewDiePie” on YouTube, released recordings of the two playing video games and taking part in video challenges. Kjellberg and Felix took part in an online promotion for the 2014 horror movie As Above, So Below.

Kjellberg announced her retirement from her YouTube career in a video posted to her channel on October 22. In the video, she discussed how her resolution to reach out to people at one time in her YouTube career was thwarted by her obsession with the Platform, which left her isolated and detrimental to her mental health. She explained in her last statement on camera that she was prepared for “something new in [her] life.”

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