Is Marion Bartoli Pregnant? Exposing Her Alleged Pregnancy!

is marion bartoli pregnant

In recent weeks, tennis fans and followers of Marion Bartoli, a former French tennis player, and Wimbledon champion, have been abuzz with enthusiasm and interest. Numerous media outlets have disseminated rumors and conjectures regarding Bartoli’s possible pregnancy. Let’s examine the specifics to determine if the renowned athlete is indeed expecting a child.

Is Marion Bartoli Pregnant?

Marion Bartoli has not confirmed whether she is pregnant or not. However, widespread speculation exists that Marion Bartoli is expecting a child with her long-term partner after she was observed with a prominent stomach bulge during a romantic dinner date near her home on July 10, 2023.

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Marion Bartoli’s Illness – Her Spouse’s Assistance

Marion Bartoli lost more than 40 pounds in July 2016. Regarding the cause, she blamed an unidentified infection.

She stated in an interview with ITV that her illness required her to consume organic salad greens and cucumbers without coverings. She also mentioned her need for mineral water baths.

In addition, Bartoli’s heart rate would be abnormally rapid even if she consumed little protein. Similarly, she could only use electrical items, such as her mobile phone, while wearing mittens.

However, later that month, she tweeted a photo of herself after a blood transfusion, demonstrating that she was on the mend.

According to a 2018 report from the New York Times, Marion endured two years of mental torture from her ex-boyfriend and physical illness. The occurrences brought her “close to death.”

She married her spouse Yahia Boumediene in December 2019. He is a professional Belgian-Moroccan footballer. During her illness, her spouse provided assistance.

The couple welcomed their gorgeous daughter Kamilya at 5:12 p.m. on December 18, 2020.

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How Much Is Marion Bartoli Worth?

Marion Bartoli has an estimated $10 million in net worth. Her income as a sports broadcaster is the source of her prosperity. On average, the annual salary is approximately $63,000. Additionally, brand endorsement agreements contribute to her income.

Marion’s earnings as a professional tennis player contribute significantly to her wealth. WTA tennis reports that she has won $11,055,114 in career prize money.

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