Is Marina Morocco Pregnant? The Rumors and Speculations Unveiled!

is marina morocco pregnant

Marina Marraco is a journalist and news anchor working in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) metropolitan areas of the United States. She is a bilingual reporter, proficient in both English and Spanish, who has covered a variety of issues during her career, including politics, crime, and breaking news. As a junior in college, Marraco began her work as a news assistant at NY1 in New York City. She then worked as a reporter for the Univision Network and then as an anchor/reporter for the Orlando station of Univision.

Is Marina Marraco Pregnant?

is marina morocco pregnant

Yahoo reports that Marina Marraco is pregnant. Marraco has covered various high-profile events throughout her career, including the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa and the George Zimmerman trial in Sanford, Florida.

Originally from Miami, Marina Marraco currently resides in Orlando. She joined WESH 2 News in October 2012. Marina is familiar with our neighborhood, having worked as a reporter for the Univision network and as an anchor/reporter for the local Univision affiliate in Orlando, where she displayed Spanish proficiency.

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Marina Marocco Husband

is marina morocco pregnant

According to sources, Marina dated Ronnie McCray and they were engaged at one point, but their relationship ended in 2018. It is unknown at this time whether Marina is currently engaged or married.

  • The University of Florida awarded Marco with a bachelor’s degree.
  • She majored in both Telecommunications and Political Science.
  • She began her career as a news assistant for NY1, a local cable television network.

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Marina Marraco Fox News Channel

Marina is ecstatic to be living in the DMV area and reporting to your communities, despite her dislike of the cold as a native of Miami (although she is a proud Gator!). During her junior year at the University of Florida, she took a semester off to intern and serve as a news assistant at NY1 in New York City, where her enthusiasm for politics intensified as she covered the Albany state senate coup.

Then, Marina made the decision to major in both Telecommunications and Political Science. During her final semester at UF, the earthquake in Haiti occurred, and Marina chronicled the trial gavel-to-gavel and the 2012 Republican National Convention for Univision Network. Marina began working at WESH-TV right before the George Zimmerman trial in Sanford began when she covered portions of the proceedings.

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