Unraveling the Mystery: Is Love Quinn Still Alive in ‘You’ Season 4?

is love quinn still alive

Spoilers for The First Three Seasons of You are Below.

In the third season of the Netflix show You, Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn decide to leave Los Angeles for the suburbs and make a new life for themselves in the Silicon Valley outpost. Joe and Love sought to conceal their criminal activities by pretending to be a happily married couple and parents, but their lies and betrayals inevitably led to a string of kidnappings and murders.

Starting with the February 9 premiere of the first half of the fourth season of You, Joe has relocated to London under the guise of Professor Jonathan Moore and is now mixing with the city’s upper crust. Some readers may be left wondering if Love has followed her co-conspirator over the water in this newest edition. But in case you missed it, Love meets her end at Joe’s hands in the third season finale.

All right, let’s go back a little. Joe has an affair with Marianne, the Madre Linda librarian, and Love has one with Theo, the college student next door, during the course of the third season. Theo finds out that Joe and Love have got Sherry and her husband Cary locked in a plexiglass cage, and Love responds by using a fire extinguisher to bash Theo (although, he survives). Meanwhile, Joe is preparing a master scheme to abscond with Marianne, her daughter Juliette, and their infant son Henry.

is love quinn still alive

But Love finds out about their romance and figures out that Joe murdered Marienne’s ex-boyfriend Ryan because of his jealousy and infatuation with Marienne. During a *tense* supper of roast chicken, Love tells Joe that she killed her previous husband, James, by giving him a fatal dose of aconite because he wanted a divorce. Although she insists she did not want to kill him, the dose she gave him was far more potent than she thought. A simple desire to put a halt to him motivated Love, as he recounts. Hold him still for a while so we can have a serious conversation about it.

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As the paralytic begins to take effect and Joe sinks to the floor, Love admits that she has also poisoned him with aconite. (She’d been tending to it in their garden the whole time. Later, when she is armed with a knife, she moves in for the kill, but Joe is quick to inject her with aconite. He was prepared for Love’s attack, having made the injection and taken the antidote (adrenaline) to the aconite in advance.

is love quinn still alive

Joe dumps Henry off at the door of his library coworker Dante after their relationship ends tragically. He goes back to his house to set up a murder-suicide involving Love. He writes a suicide note to the Madre Linda Homeowner’s Association (probably authored by Love) and then amputates two of his own toes. He then starts a fire in the house by lighting the gas stove and the couple’s wedding album. Human toes were discovered, leading investigators to conclude that Joe is dead.

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Joe says at the end of the episode, “In the end, it worked.” Two human toes were found, and their DNA was able to piece together the story even though they were mostly burned. RIP, me.”

Joe elaborates, saying that the elements of the murder scene were “filled up” by the farewell spoken in love. Joe Goldberg’s remaining body parts were never located and were likely dismembered.

At the end of the book, he describes the character of Love as “a kind of a folk hero, more renowned even than Guinevere Beck.”

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