Is LL Cool J Gay? Unraveling the Truth of His Sexuality!

is ll cool j gay

Born James Todd Smith, LL Cool J is an iconic figure in hip-hop and entertainment. The actor-turned-rapper has amassed a devoted fan base and accomplished remarkable success over the course of a career spanning several decades. Throughout his career, however, rumors and innuendo regarding his sexual orientation have persisted. In this article, we investigate whether LL Cool J is homosexual.

Is LL Chill J Gay?

is ll cool j gay

LL Cool J is straight. Since 1995, he has been in a happy marriage with his wife, Simone Smith. There is no evidence or proof to support claims regarding his sexual orientation, despite the fact that the couple has been graced with four children. LL Cool J’s private life demonstrates his devotion to his family and the affection they share.

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How Did Simone and LL Cool J Meet?

In 1987, when Smith was a teenager, LL Cool J met him by chance. At the time, LL Cool J’s vocation as a rapper was already well-established. LL stated in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he was approximately 19 years old. It was Easter, and I was driving my mother’s car down the street.

The rapper stated that everything began when he stopped the vehicle to greet a friend, who then asked, “Hey, do you want to meet my cousin?” Initially, LL informed his friend that he had other plans, but upon seeing Smith for the first time, he changed his mind: “I looked over and said, ‘Oh yeah, I’ll meet your cousin.'”

What Does Simone Smith Do?

is ll cool j gay

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Simone is a businesswoman and fashionista who co-founded Simone I. Smith Jewelry in 2011. According to her website, she conceived her first design after being diagnosed with cancer. She discovered, following surgery, that the lollipop tattoo on her limb had been altered; this served as the inspiration for her signature lollipop pendant, “A Sweet Touch of Hope.” Then came earrings with hoops, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. In contrast, LL is so supportive of Smith’s business that he has appeared on HSN to promote her jewelry line.

In 2018, Smith and Mary J. Blige collaborated to establish Sister Love, a jewelry collection inspired by their friendship. Her most recent business endeavor is SIS Luxe Lacquer, a brand of cruelty-free, vegan nail varnish.

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