Is Liv Morgan Pregnant? Unveiling the Truth of Her Pregnancy!

is liv morgan pregnant

WWE Superstar Liv Morgan is the subject of a recent rumor that has been making the rounds in the world of professional wrestling, which is rife with murmurs and speculations. Fans are curious as to whether or not the accomplished wrestler is expecting a child. This article investigates the veracity of the pregnancy rumors encircling Liv Morgan.

Is Liv Morgan Pregnant?

is liv morgan pregnant

Despite the falsehood of the story, Liv displayed a great sense of humor by liking the post which obviously made her laugh. Liv is out with a shoulder injury and not pregnant with MJF’s child, for those keeping track.

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Liv Morgan’s Boyfriend’s Name Was Revealed During a Podcast

Earlier this year, in an episode of the “To Be The Man” podcast, wrestling legend Ric Flair mentioned that Morgan was with Dallas. He was uncertain as to whether they were married or still dating.

Since neither Morgan nor Dallas displays their relationship on social media, it is impossible to corroborate their relationship status. Morgan is the only woman besides Dallas’ mother that Dallas follows on Instagram.

The rumors of Morgan and Dallas’s relationship date back to February 2021, when a Cageside Seats article claimed they were residing on a farm together. In 2019, Dallas divorced his five-year wife, the former arm wrestling champion Sarah Backman.

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Enzo Amore Is Happy for Liv Morgan Years After Their Breakup

Before Dallas entered the equation, between 2016 and 2017, Morgan was in a relationship with Amore. The couple met before Morgan’s professional wrestling career. She worked at Hooters at the time but had always desired to be a wrestler.

Eventually, Amore was able to secure her a WWE audition, and he gives her credit for putting in the necessary effort. Even though they are no longer together, Amore emphasized how pleased he is for her, how proud he is of her achievements, and how much he hopes she is enjoying herself.

Amore released a song in 2018 that was interpreted by some as a reference to Morgan, a year after the couple purportedly endured a difficult breakup due to Amore’s accusations of infidelity. The song “Liv A 30 For 30” discusses the difficulties of maintaining a relationship while on the road and appears to implicate Morgan.

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