Is Lewis Hamilton Gay? The Truth About His Sexual Identity!

is lewis hamilton gay

Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton MBE HonFREng is a British Formula One driver currently contending for Mercedes. Hamilton has won a record-tying seven World Drivers’ Championship titles in Formula One, as well as the most victories, pole positions, and podium finishes, among other records.

Is Lewis Hamilton Gay?

is lewis hamilton gay

No, Lewis Hamilton is not gay. Hamilton has not disclosed his homosexuality and has not engaged with any men. Several famous women, including Nicole Scherzinger, Danielle Lloyd, Rita Ora, Barbara Palvin, and Rihanna, are rumored to be in his relationships.

Many people assume that Hamilton is homosexual based on his sense of flair. Even while racing, Hamilton is inclined to wear jewelry. In addition, he sometimes wore skirts for magazine photo sessions. Nevertheless, this does not imply that the race driver is homosexual.

A straight male can dress modestly and still identify as straight. Men frequently fall prey to stereotypes when it comes to their fashion and attire.

Toxic masculinity manifests itself when a man misinterprets another man’s sexuality based solely on his appearance. Even in 2023, some people still believe that a man is gay if he wears jewelry, skirts, or has a strong sense of fashion.

Some admirers are ecstatic and incredibly proud of Hamilton for destroying harmful masculine stereotypes, even though it is patently false. Several others applaud and imitate Hamilton’s sartorial choices.

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The Dating Life of Lewis Hamilton

Danielle Lloyd

In 2002, Lewis dated model and television personality Danielle Lloyd for approximately six months while he was a rising sports sensation. She has previously stated that the affair ended amicably and that they remained friends for some time afterward, despite the fact that the relationship was destined to fail.

Jodia Ma

is lewis hamilton gay

Between 2003 and 2007, Lewis and Jodia were in a four-year relationship that began during their studies. As Lewis’s notoriety grew, he and Ma ultimately parted ways, but she was nothing but complimentary of her ex-partner when she spoke to the press shortly thereafter about his astounding driving success.

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Nicole Scherzinger

is lewis hamilton gay

Just weeks after rumors surfaced that Lewis was dating 2007 Miss World Vivian Burkhardt, he was photographed looking quite cozy with Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger at the Monaco Grand Prix.

In the early to mid-2000s, Nicole and Lewis’s relationship was an issue for a time. Fans were as obsessed with The Pussycat Dolls as they could be, making them a perfect complement for the red carpet.

In 2015, however, after eight years of on-and-off dating, the couple called it quits for good, citing their hectic schedules as the cause of their tumultuous separation.


is lewis hamilton gay

Lewis and Rihanna were observed together in New York City several months after his divorce from Nicole, sparking rumors that they were dating. Neither Lewis nor Rihanna ever confirmed the relationship, however. Additionally, they did not deny it…

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Veronica Valle

is lewis hamilton gay

The relationship between Veronica and Lewis in 2015 ended after only three months, with Veronica criticizing Lewis in the press shortly after the breakup.

Rita Ora

Despite the fact that Rita and Lewis never verified their relationship, they have been photographed together on numerous occasions, often appearing to be quite cozy.

In 2016, the couple traveled to Montenegro for a luxurious vacation, where they were photographed playing around by the pool and spraying each other with a hose. In the same year, she accompanied him to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and was photographed with his mother, Carmen Larbalestier.

Barbara Palvin

In 2016, after meeting at the Cannes Film Festival, Lewis was briefly linked to model Barbara Palvin. During the 2016 season, she was subsequently spotted with him at multiple Grand Prix.

However, things did not work out between them, and Palvin went on to date Cole Sprouse from the television show Riverdale.

Kendall Jenner

After being spotted on vacation with the Kar-Jenner family in Cannes and Monaco, Lewis was linked to model Kendall later that year.

Kendall was subsequently photographed at the Monaco Grand Prix wearing his gold chain. And despite the fact that nothing significant came of it, we can only hope she got a few sweatshirts.

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Winnie Harlow

is lewis hamilton gay

Lewis and Winnie were observed together in late 2016, which immediately sparked dating rumors, which were only bolstered when they were seen cuddling in May of the following year (2017).

However, neither Winnie nor Lewis ever publicly acknowledged or denied the relationship.

Sofia Riché

is lewis hamilton gay

The daughter of Lewis and Lionel Richie, Sofia Richie, was involved in a similar unconfirmed relationship that same year.

During Paris Couture Fashion Week, the two were spotted appearing quite close, and rumors circulated that they were going on a few dates.

Nicki Minaj

As if being photographed together at New York Fashion Week in 2018 wasn’t enough, Lewis and Nicki began posting photos of each other on social media, including images from an alleged trip to Dubai.

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