Is Lee Asher Gay? An Intimate Portrait of His Life and Sexuality!

is lee asher gay

Close-up magician, Lee Asher is known for his innovative card feats and hypnotic hand movements. People consider him an authority on playing cards.

As a collector, he is best known for his work as the current President of 52 Plus Joker, the American Playing Card Collectors Club. As a consultant, he has assisted magicians like Greg Frewin with their feats.

Is Lee Asbury Gay?

is lee asher gay

No, Lee is not gay. He is straight. He has stated on his Instagram account that he is not gay and that he loves women. In the past, he has also dated Ana Rubiolo and Sydney Febrach.

Lee Asher and Luke Barton are neither married nor in a relationship; they are simply acquaintances who rescue dogs together. There have been rumors and assertions regarding their relationship, but they have denied being homosexual.

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With Whom Has Lee Asher Dated?

is lee asher gay

According to reports, Lee Asher is currently unattached. As far as the general public is aware, at least.

The famous canine rescuer and businessman was rumored to have previously dated a woman named Ana Rubiolo. However, there was no information regarding the relationship.

Then, Lee Asher began dating Sydney Febrach, a fellow canine enthusiast. The couple started dating in 2016. They dated for a considerable amount of time and even lived together. They also collaborated on dog rescue initiatives. In 2018, the couple made the unfortunate decision to separate.

After their breakup, Sydney traveled to the United States with her canine, Ella. This is how she earned the nickname “solo female van lifer” from her fans.

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What Is the Net Worth of Lee Ascher?

The majority of Lee Ascher’s $1.08 million to $1.56 million net worth is derived from his business.

Lee is a business owner and corporate trainer whose sources of income include coaching, consulting, and YouTube.

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