Is Laura Rutledge Pregnant? Here’s What We Know so Far!

is laura rutledge pregnant

Laura Rutledge is an ESPN reporter and SEC Network personality. Miss Florida 2012 is an American beauty contest winner from St. Petersburg, Florida. Here is the solution to the question of whether Laura Rutledge is pregnant or not.

Is Laura Rutledge Pregnant?

is laura rutledge pregnant

No. Laura Rutledge is not pregnant currently. In other words, we might conclude that the pregnancy rumors about her have been disproven and rendered useless. We wonder what sparked the latest pregnancy rumors around Laura Rutledge. As he has been accustomed to it, the sports reporter does not appear to be concerned by it, as he has not commented on it. Laura does not have a large, protruding stomach, which is a great indicator that the claim is untrue.

Also, Laura Rutledge is quite loving and caring towards her family. She never fails to express her affection for them, sometimes even on social media. If Laura was pregnant this time, she would have undoubtedly made an official announcement.

Discussing reports about Laura Rutledge’s pregnancy necessitates also discussing her marriage. As previously stated, she is married to her soul mate, Josh Rutledge. Josh, in case you were wondering, is a former major league baseball player. He played for the Colorado Rockies and the Boston Red Sox during his career.

On October 2, 2019, Laura and Josh are blessed with a daughter, Reese Katherine Rutledge. Yes! Mother and daughter share the same date of birth. At that time, the sports journalist shared her immense joy and affection with her followers on Twitter.

After her first pregnancy, Laura was replaced on SEC Nation by Marty Smith. The audience enjoyed Marty’s hosting and fill-ins, but they also missed Laura’s presence. Yet, supporters backed her decision as she was on maternity leave. Moreover, she was also upset. In contrast, Laura was likewise thrilled to welcome her first child. Marty joined the ranks of Paul Finebaum, Marcus Spears, and Tim Tebow.

Well, it is uncertain if Laura and Josh Rutledge intend to expand their family by having a second child. They have not yet disclosed anything.

Best wishes to Laura Rutledge for the approaching days of her career. You may follow Laura’s Instagram account for additional updates. We would be thrilled if Laura’s pregnancy rumors were confirmed soon.

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Sports Journalist

is laura rutledge pregnant

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Rutledge worked as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports, originally covering Tampa Bay Rays and subsequently San Diego Padres games for Fox. In addition, she provided on-field reporting for Fox College Sports’ 2012 National Paintball Championship coverage from Lakeland, Florida. In July 2014, she joined ESPN and the SEC Network.

Rutledge anchored the Coors Light PostGame show on Fox College Football and halftime programming for FSN college football games in 2014.

Rutledge also presented “SD Live” and “Chargers Insider” for the San Diego Chargers in 2013. She is the producer and host of Fox Sports San Diego’s own program, SDLive.

She was appointed host of “SEC Nation” on the SEC Network on May 16, 2017. She became the host of ESPN’s top NFL program, “NFL Live,” on August 17, 2020.

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