Uncovering the Truth: Is Kim Fields Still Married?

is kim fields still married

American actress and filmmaker Kim Fields are best known for playing Dorothy “Tootie” Ramsey in the NBC comedy Facts of Life. Additionally, recognized credits for the comedy actress include Fox’s Living Single and Netflix’s original series The Upshaws.

In 2015, Kim and her husband also made an appearance on Bravo TV’s reality series Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), but they departed the program in 2016 owing to the difficulties they encountered.

Kim has managed to stay in the headlines despite her brief excursion, and people continue to inquire about her life and marriage to her husband. In this post, you’ll learn all there is to know about Kim Fields and her marriage to her spouse.

Family of Kim Fields

is kim fields still married

Kim is a famous American actress who is most recognized for her sitcom performances. In New York City, New York, the ROHA star was born on May 12, 1969. She recently celebrated her 53rd birthday in 2022 on May 12.

The actress was born into a family of actors. Her parents are actor/director Chip Fields (later known as Hurd) and her father, Tim Pelt. Alexis Fields, her elder sister, is also an actor.

Kim Fields’ husband Kim and Christopher Morgan are wed. The couple wed on July 23, 2007, and they now have two boys. The 44-year-old Broadway actor Christopher frequently appears with his RHOA wife Kim hand in hand on public occasions like red carpets.

Jonathan Freeman and Kim were previously married. In 1995, the two got married, however, they quickly divorced in 2001. Currently, Kim and her two boys live a happy marriage to Christopher Morgan.

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What is Kim Fields Husband’s Job? The Job of Christopher Morgan

Christopher is a dancer, actor, and performer on Broadway who is Kim’s spouse. Christopher’s accomplishments range from his dance debut in Romance and Cigarettes to Broadway performances in musicals like Kiss Me and Kate. The Broadway artist is talented in other areas as well, including singing, since he has performed in churches before.

Christopher has more than 20 years of musical theatre experience, where he has exhibited all of his talents. In the eighth season of Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2015, he was also shown with his wife Kim, however, the two later quit the program.

Christopher Morgan, the Husband of Kim Fields, Is He Gay?

is kim fields still married

When the pair was a member of RHOA, co-star Kenya Moore took their dispute to a whole new level by spreading the allegation that Kim’s husband Christopher was gay. Kenya informed her co-stars that people called him “Chrissy” while they were on the vacation to Jamaica while they were chatting about this with other females. After her husband was accused of such things, Kim didn’t take it well and the two had a chilly relationship. It was only natural for Kim to become incensed after hearing such accusations.

Later, Christopher clarified that Kenya had made up the entire story and that she had erred in assuming that he was a Broadway star. Furthermore, he said that Kenya had expressed regret for the claims.

Is Kim Fields Still Married?

is kim fields still married

Despite all the gossip, the pair is still going strong. They are still together and will shortly mark 16 years of marriage this year. Christopher shared a photo of his special day and some heartfelt comments for his wife on Instagram on their 14th wedding anniversary. Together with their two boys, the two portray a contented family. The four-person family resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Children of Kim Fields

Sebastian and Quincy are the names of Kim and Christopher’s two boys. Sebastian, now age 15, and Quincy, now age 6, were both born in December 2014.


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The couple disclosed that Kim’s second son was unexpectedly born at the age of 44. Prior to having her second son, she had already suffered from two miscarriages. She claims that Quincy was born when she had no chance of ever having children again.

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