Is Kevin Cronin Gay? Everything You Should Know!

is kevin cronin gay

Kevin Cronin is a musician, vocalist, and songwriter from the United States. As the main vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the rock band REO Speedwagon, he is renowned. Since the 1970s, Cronin has been an indispensable member of the band, contributing to their hit compositions and enduring success in the music industry.

Is Kevin Cronin Gay

is kevin cronin gay

No, Kevin Cronin is not gay. Despite numerous “rumors” and “speculations” to the contrary, he is not homosexual. Kevin Cronin is a proud heterosexual man with two grown children from his unsuccessful marriage to Denise, whom he divorced many years after their breakup.

Then, in 1992, Kevin wed his second wife, Lisa Marie Wells, with whom he had three children. His relationship with Lisa is robust, and they continue to be together to this day. In conclusion, Kevin Cronin is NOT homosexual. Not that it would matter even if he were, the man makes excellent music.

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How Many Original Reo Speedwagon Members Remain?

is kevin cronin gay

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Reo Speedwagon is a classic 1970s rock band that continues to be renowned today. Reo Speedwagon’s original personnel included vocalist Kevin Cronin, guitarist Gary Richrath, bassist Greg Philbin, keyboardist Neal Doughty, and drummer Alan Gratzer.

Gary Richrath and Gregg Philbin, two of the founding members, passed away in 2015 and 2020, respectively, and are no longer with us. This leaves only three of the original five members, Kevin Cronin, Neal Doughty, and Alan Gratzer, still alive. 2017 saw the publication of “The Hits,” Reo Speedwagon’s most recent studio album.

1980s release of REO Speedwagon’s album ‘Reeve’ cemented the band’s position in rock history. I am involved in a hostile relationship. Additionally, the album contained several hit recordings, including the title track Keep on Loving You. There was once a narrative behind the band’s name. Two members of the band, Kevin Cronin and Gary Richrath, were searching for a name in 1967.

Cronin observed the words “REO Speedwagon” on the blackboard during his History of Transportation class. In 1915, Ransom Eli Olds created the REO Speed Wagon vehicle, which is where the name originated. The realization that Cronin and Richrath had created something exquisite and enduring was the primary reason for Hi Infidelity’s immense popularity. There is no denying the power of imagination and the need to never give up on your aspirations, both of which are crucial to this concept.

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