Kayla Mortan And Boosted’s Relationship Check

Kayla is a seasoned professional racer. She makes a living not only from drag racing but also from building motors. Kayla talked openly about growing up in the garage and how she succeeded in a male-dominated field in an interview with Drag Illustrated. She claimed that she and her 1993 Ford Mustang blended right in. “I’ve known these males all my life, so I don’t feel particularly afraid or concerned because I’m a girl. “They treat me equally,” Kayla said to the publication. They respect me since they know where I’m from and the race vehicles I’ve driven in the past.

Is Kayla Mortan and Boosted together

Although Kayla Morton is not married, she has been in a committed relationship with Chris “Boosted GT” Hamilton, a fellow Street Outlaw. Kayla said that she and Chris were friends long before they began dating in an interview with Dragzine. The two didn’t start dating until Kayla joined the Street Outlaws cast. She told the magazine, “When Chris and I raced on the street, we didn’t love each other. “Up until that incident. After that, we began dating.

It’s challenging to find a spouse that loves the sport and is as “poured into” it as you are, Kayla continued. She said, “When you discover someone who understands the way of life and the sacrifices it takes, you cling on.” “Cars and racing have dominated our entire lives.”

Late in August, Kayla’s oldest child, Austin, who is thought to be from a prior relationship, was 17 years old. Happy 17th Birthday to my oldest kid! she wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post on her son’s special day. Even though he is almost an adult, he will always be my baby boy and best friend. He is on his way to accomplishing great things and is figuring out where he fits in this vast universe.

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Boosted GT’s early life

 Chris grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, where he spent his days being a normal kid and teenager with his first car, a 1987’ S10 Blazer. His father was into cars and engines long before Chris was even born. There was a street racing scene that his father participated in with his Chevelle behind the Miller Brewery in the 1960s through to the 1980s.

Even though his father had sold the car before Chris was born, he shared his stories with him and his knowledge of how to put things together and take them apart. 

Chris found it helpful when he kept blowing the motor in his Blazer and eventually upgraded to a 1968 Chevelle. He had no idea he was creating the foundation and establishing the principles of what his life would be like today as his father gradually taught him about automobiles.

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