Is Kayla Braxton Pregnant? Is She Expecting a Bundle of Joy!

is kayla braxton pregnant

Kayla Braxton is one of the most well-known broadcasters in the United States. From her time in WWE to her time as a sports broadcaster, both her personal and professional lives have been highly publicized.

American sportscaster Kayla Braxton has signed with WWE and can be seen on numerous WWE programs. However, she has registered with WWE as Kayla Braxton.

She has made a name for herself in the sphere of sports writing as a sports broadcaster. She possesses exceptional communication skills and can perform all journalistic duties with professionalism.

She attended Belmont University and earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. She was creative and talented even in college; she even produced her own entertainment events. She made a name for herself in journalism after graduating, and now she’s signed with WWE, where her admirers adore her.

Is Kayla Braxton Pregnant?

is kayla braxton pregnant

No, according to official sources, Kayla Braxton is not pregnant; she has dated a few WWE stars and other celebrities but has never validated her pregnancy status.

Even though she recently affirmed that she is bisexual and any such information, the only official confirmation comes from the celebrity herself, we can conclude that she is not pregnant at this time.

Every media outlet wants to sell news, and degrading celebrities’ images or associating them with some bizarre or unofficial piece of information is commonplace in the entertainment industry. This time, it appears that Kayla is the one whose pregnancy information is leaked. However, she has not affirmed that she is pregnant or, if she is, she has not disclosed such information.

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Who Is Dating Kayla Braxton?

is kayla braxton pregnant

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Kayla Braxton is still single as of April 2023. Some of you may already be aware that Kayla Braxton has dated several WWE superstars in the past, but she came out as bisexual on her social media accounts in 2021.

Dolph Ziggler, one of the most prominent figures in WWE, was one of her ex-boyfriends. Initially, Dolph was her colleague, and she fell in love with him while reporting for WWE. However, they shortly separated on a very sad note.

In addition to dating Dolph, she dated WWE announcer Bryon Saxton. According to sources, their relationship was extremely robust, but it didn’t last long, so it ended.

The journalist is currently unmarried and enjoying her single status. Occasionally, she posts on her social media accounts about her Valentine’s Day and other holiday plans. Regardless of how she was in a relationship in the past or is currently in a relationship, her work is still admired and respected in the industry.

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