Is Kate Walsh Pregnant: When Is Season 3 Available?

is kate walsh pregnant

As the premiere of Season 2 of Emily in Paris approaches, viewers have many questions they hope to see resolved.

The big question on everyone’s mind is whether Emily will stay loyal to Madeline or whether she will follow Sylvie and the rest of her former coworkers to start their own marketing agency and abandon Savior. Then there’s the uncertainty over which couples will make it to the conclusion of the season together and which will break up.

The show will attempt to provide answers to all of these questions, but another one has emerged with the start of the new season. Since her character’s pregnancy is so obvious in the new season, many viewers are wondering if Kate Walsh was actually pregnant while filming.

is kate walsh pregnant

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Can We Assume that Kate Walsh Was Not Pregnant During the Filming of Emily in Paris, Season 3?

Kate Walsh was not pregnant during the filming of season 3 of Emily in Paris, despite the fact that her character is expecting at the beginning of the season. Her pregnancy is integral to the plot of the show and not a cover for an actual pregnancy.

Due to the fact that her character has been expecting a child on the program ever since its pilot, this isn’t likely to come as a shock to viewers. The unexpected pregnancy of her character, Madeline, was a major plot point in the series since it led to Emily leaving for Paris when Madeline was prevented from going.

Because of the practice of some shows of making a character pregnant to accommodate an actress’s pregnancy in real life, fans may wonder if this was the case here. As we’ve already established, though, Walsh was not expecting it at the time of filming.

When Will We Be Able to Watch the Third Season of Emily in Paris?

As with the first two seasons, the third will premiere on December 21, 2022.

Collins announced her desire to return to the Emily in Paris set as soon as possible in February 2022 by posting a behind-the-scenes video featuring the show’s renowned costume designer, Patricia Field.

I awoke with this enchanted wardrobe in my head. I’ve missed working on @emilyinparis with the incredible @mshangaimx and the always-inspiring @patriciafield, who is a living icon in her own right. … The actor wrote “[sic]” in the video’s caption. It highlighted the character’s zany attire, which included feathers, neon colors, designs, and a plethora of shoes and purses.

“I want to live in there,” said Tan France of Queer Eye.

Collins’ co-star Park said, “Literally woke up thinking the same.”

As more details become available, we’ll revise the article accordingly.

is kate walsh pregnant

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Who Will Be Emily in Paris’s Love Interests in Seasons 3 and 4?

Collins, who also produced Emily in Paris, is confirmed to reprise his role as Cooper, alongside Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), Mindy (Park), Camille (Razat), Sylvie (Leroy-Beaulieu), Julian (Samuel Arnold), Luc (Bruno Gallery), and newcomer Alfie (Park) (Lucien Laviscount).

Season two ends with Alfie discovering that Emily and Gabriel dated in the past, and he admits to his partner that he has stayed in Paris with Emily even though his job has moved back to London. A long-term commitment to Emily is something he even suggests.

Kate Walsh, who plays Cooper’s pregnant Chicago boss Madeleine, made a cameo appearance as Dr. Addison Montgomery in the 18th season of Grey’s Anatomy (16 years after her initial appearance in the hit show), and she was also due to give birth at the end of the second season of Emily in Paris, so it was assumed that she would not be returning for the third season. The return of her Madeline persona, however, was later confirmed.

She went to France in June to record episodes for the show and subsequently told PureWow, “I’m not in Paris just eating croissants,” before adding, “She’s back.” She hasn’t left yet.

The performer has assured fans they will not be disappointed, saying the next series is really excellent and meaty and funny and unexpected and that she can identify with her character ‘in some way’ but isn’t as unapologetic.

“So, I think fans will be incredibly happy and enormously entertained by what they see,” she continued. This year’s tales are even more fantastic than usual; they’re full of romance, glitz, and hilarious antics set in exotic locales.

The cast’s reunion at Los Angeles’s 39th Annual PaleyFest in April 2022 was all we could have hoped for, and Park released numerous behind-the-scenes images of the event.

Collins and Park, who look to be close friends IRL today, were sighted on a ski trip with Collins’s husband, Charlie McDowell, in January of 2022.

Collins captioned an Instagram post of vacation photos they had posted with “Snow dump, photo dump…”

“A Frame for the win,” Park said in response to the post. A pointless waste of time and energy (for us). [sic]’

Similarly, Park posted a video of herself and Collins tumbling from a sled, with the remark “(We’re ok. This is still going on during Seasons 3 and 4!) [sic]’

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