Is Jonathan Groff Gay? His Journey As An LGBTQ+ Actor!

is jonathan groff gay

Jonathan Groff, also known as Jonathan Drew Groff, is an American vocalist and actor. He is well-known for his performances in the theater, on television, and in numerous films. He has received many honors.

He has received Grammy awards, two Tony awards, two Drama League Awards, and Emmy awards in recognition of his contributions to the film industry. In 2006, he began garnering recognition for his performance as Melchior Gabor in Spring Awakening.

Is Jonathan Groff Gay?

is jonathan groff gay

Yes, Jonathan Groff is gay. When questioned by a reporter during the National Equality March in October 2009, Groff came out as gay. Later, he discussed his experience with coming out, including the agony of being closeted and the knowledge that disclosing his sexuality could have negative career repercussions. In addition, he has expressed how much he values being a role model for young people as an out actor and has advocated for the significance of sharing coming out experiences.

Groff was hesitant to accept the lead role in the gay television series Looking, citing insecurities about being typecast in gay roles, but ultimately found the experience rewarding: “Living in that world and discussing gay issues was truly life-changing for me and made me so much more comfortable in my own skin.” Groff was the Grand Marshal of the New York City Gay Pride parade on June 29, 2014.

In April 2015, the Point Foundation presented Groff with the Point Horizon Award, which recognizes “a pioneer who has assumed a leadership role as an advocate” for LGBTQIA communities. In December 2015, he was awarded the Bayard Rustin Award by Equality Pennsylvania, which “recognizes a Pennsylvanian who is ensuring that the LGBT community is visible, accepted, and celebrated in our society.” Groff was designated Out100’s Entertainer of the Year in 2017, honoring influential LGBTQ+ public figures.

Over the years, Jonathan Groff’s Dating History Has Been Limited

is jonathan groff gay

Prior to October 2009, when he came out as gay, no one knew about Jonathan’s private romantic life, although some admirers may have speculated. During the National Equality March, a reporter from questioned Jonathan about his sexuality, prompting him to come out. Since then, he has frequently discussed his coming out story and how traumatic it was for him.

“Coming from a religious background surrounded by Amish, I felt… ashamed of who I was,” he said in the Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known documentary on HBO.

Lea Michele had a significant infatuation with Jonathan prior to his coming out. Their on-stage characters were required to fall in love, so it’s not surprising that these emotions carried over into real life. Consequently, when Lea confronted him about this, she stated in the document, “I just saw this expression in his eyes… In that instant, I realized, ‘This is the end,’ and I must secure it. This is an intense situation.” Since then, they have remained close friends but have never dated.

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In 2009, Jonathan Was First Associated with Gavin Creel

is jonathan groff gay

In 2009, when Jonathan was only 24 years old, he dated Gavin Creel, who brought him to the March on Washington, thus making his sexual orientation public. Prior to this, he had a companion for 3.5 years whose identity remains unknown to this day. Following his departure from Spring Awakening, Jonathan traveled alone to Florence, where he wrote his first journal entry about his companion.

“In that moment, I knew I was going to come out of the closet,” he told FourTwoNine. “When I returned home, I saw my family first. And finally, my pals. Then I ended my relationship with that boyfriend and relocated out of the apartment we shared as “roommates.” However, dating Gavin assisted Jonathan in coming out, despite the fact that their relationship could not endure eternally.

Like Jonathan, Gavin is a stage and film actor best known for his roles in Hair and The Book of Mormon (on the West End), though he has also appeared in a few episodes of American Horror Stories.

Jonathan Famously Dated Actor Zachary Quinto After Gavin

is jonathan groff gay

The greatest aspect of Jonathan’s dating history is that it reads like a cast list from a Ryan Murphy film. Jonathan and American Horror Story actor Zachary Quinto dated from 2010 to 2013.

In 2012, he told Out magazine (via Us Weekly): “I’m incredibly happy, incredibly fortunate.” “I realized that I was protecting myself by equating the concept of connection and love with trauma and death when I discovered that I was attracted to people who were somehow unavailable.”

However, in 2013, the prominent couple separated amicably. “His absence and filming were difficult for them,” a source told Us Weekly at the time. Now he will be performing his new play [The Glass Menagerie] in New York. They deeply cared for one another, so their separation was not simple… It just completed its course.”

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Jonathan’s Last Public Relationship Was with Choreographer Corey Baker

Jonathan had moved on from his relationship with Zachary by 2018 and was now dating choreographer Corey Baker. Jonathan discussed his relationship with Corey when speaking with the New York Times about his return to the stage in Little Shop of Horrors. Jonathan and Corey met while instructing at a summer camp for musical theater in New Zealand, where Corey resides.

On The Late Late Show with James Corden, Jonathan also discussed their relationship, joking that his mother *almost* ruined his prospects with Corey. Jonathan told James that their initial courtship was very cordial and very high school-like. “There were kisses, but then I would leave him off at his mother’s residence. It was very archaic. It created a great deal of tension that paid off later,” he mused to an appreciative audience.

It has been reported that they ended their relationship in 2020, though neither has discussed it publicly. One Tumblr rumor claimed that Jonathan acknowledged dating someone while filming in Berlin during his April 2021 speech at Penn State, but as far as we know, Jonathan is currently single.

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