Is Joey Votto Gay? Exploring the Truth About His Personal Life!

is joey votto gay

In the world of professional sports, rumors and speculations often swirl around athletes’ personal lives. The sexual orientation of Cincinnati Reds’ star first baseman Joey Votto has been the subject of a recent rumor that has garnered widespread attention. This article intends to dispel this rumor and cast light on the facts.

Is Joey Votto Gay?

is joey votto gay

Back a few years, Joey encountered a stress-related problem when he was officially classified as “Disabled.” Unfortunately, this was when numerous false allegations about Joey began to circulate in the media. One of the allegations was that Joey was homosexual. However, after his relationship with Jeanne Paulus, the words escaped him. His sexual orientation is straight.

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Is He Married?

is joey votto gay

No, he is not married. Currently, Joey Votto is in a relationship. He is courting a woman named Jeanne Paulus from Canada. His lifelong girlfriend is Paulus. During the holidays, the couple is frequently spotted together in various locations. Additionally, they attend award ceremonies jointly.

The precise date they began dating has not been disclosed. Nonetheless, they have been dating for over five years. Jeanne is a dental hygienist. They are currently unmarried and do not have any children.

He has not disclosed his previous relationships and affairs.

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Joey Votto: Net Worth and Income

is joey votto gay

Joey Votto’s assessed net worth is approximately $110 million, making him one of the world’s wealthiest baseball players. After 14 MLB seasons, he has accumulated revenues of approximately $158,934,500.

Joey Votto inked a 10-year, $225,000,000 contract with the Cincinnati Reds. It involves a guarantee of $225,000,000 and an average annual salary of $22,500,000. His base remuneration in 2020 is $25,000,000.

Recently, he paid $10.5 million for a mansion in Hermosa Beach.

The interior of the 3,826-square-foot home includes a family room, a contemporary kitchen, a dining area, and an indoor-outdoor living room. Additionally, there are four bedrooms, four restrooms, and four fireplaces.

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