Is Joe Root Gay? Exploring His Personal Life with Facts!

Is Joe Root Gay

Joe Root is an English cricket player who used to lead the Test team and now plays for the national team. He is also a cricket player in England for Yorkshire. Root has made more runs than any other batsman alive right now and is now ranked eighth all-time in Test cricket history. He scored the most runs for England in the 2019 Cricket World Cup, which they won.

Joe Root is without a question one of England’s greatest cricket players, and his skills on the field are renowned. Root’s journey in cricket has been nothing short of amazing, and he has won many awards along the way. However, Joe Root played a great innings in yesterday’s cricket match against New Zealand, but England didn’t win thanks to Devon Conway and Rachin Ravindra.

Is Joe Root Gay?

Is Joe Root Gay

Joe Root is not gay. It is important to make it clear that the stories going around about Joe Root’s sexuality are not true at all. Not a single solid piece of proof points to him being gay. During a test match series against West Indies, there was an interesting moment when Root reacted to Shannon Gabriel’s insults on the field by saying:

“Don’t insult me that way. Being gay isn’t a bad thing.”

It is very important to understand that his response was not about his own sexuality but about being open-minded and supportive. While Joe Root is happily married to his wife, this is strong proof that he is straight. It’s important to protect his privacy and not draw conclusions about his personal life from a few comments.

Root got to 111 runs without being out and got into a verbal fight with the West Indies fast bowler. People shared a video from the Sky feed of the afternoon session that seemed to show the England captain telling Gabriel “There is nothing wrong with being gay.”

So far, no tape has come out that explains why Root said this. It was Judges Rod Tucker and Kumar Dharmasena who talked to Gabriel and told him to behave better. They are said to have told Jeff Crowe, the match judge, that they didn’t hear anything that would be against the ICC’s code of conduct.

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Who Is Joe Root Married To?

Since 2018, Joe Root and his wife Carrie Cottrell have been happily married. Carrie is said to work at The Arc, a bar in Headingley, Leeds, but she doesn’t want many people to know too much about her.

This is where Carrie supposedly met her husband Joe Root for the first time. It is also where the Yorkshire Cricket Club plays. Carrie posted a picture of herself and Root on Instagram in October 2014, and then a few more the next year. It was clear that the two were taken.

Is Joe Root Gay

But before he left for the 2016 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, English superstar Joe Root asked Carrie to marry him, showing the world how much he loved her. The Sun says the couple got married in 2018 in Root’s city of Sheffield, England. Carrie went on the trip with England’s Barmy Army to support Root. When she gets home, she’ll take him to the bar.

She did say, though, that if they’re not drinking gin or playing pool. They are going to many places, including Mykonos, which is Carrie’s favorite Greek island of all time. They have a boy and a girl and are very happy with their marriage. Fred William was born on January 7, 2017, and their second child was born on July 8, 2020.