Is Joe Keery Pregnant? Unraveling the Mystery of Joe Keery’s Pregnancy!

is joe keery pregnant

Actor Joe Keery’s recent rumor mill fodder has fans guessing, but celebrities rarely escape conjecture and rumors. In an unexpected turn of events, reports have surfaced that the gifted “Stranger Things” performer is expecting a child. In this post, we look into the strange allegations and separate fact from fiction to see if Joe Keery’s claimed pregnancy is true.

Joe Keery Is Pregnant?

Joe had to tell folks that he is not pregnant while answering the web‘s most frequently asked questions for Wired because, evidently, Google searches are inquisitive. Meanwhile, Gaten collapsed on the ground laughing. At 3:09, watch the amusing moment.

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Is He Dating Anyone?

is joe keery pregnant

Joe Keery does have a relationship with Maika Monroe. For nearly five years, the Stranger Things star and Independence Day: Resurgence actress have been linked.

According to GQ, the couple initially met at a Los Angeles party in 2017. They collaborated on the film After Everything the same year before going public with their romance a few months later at the Stranger Things season 2 premiere.

Despite keeping their relationship lives quietly on social media, Keery and Monroe have made multiple public appearances together at big award shows and parties over the years.

Keery is most known for his recurring role as Steve Harrington on Stranger Things, but he has also held a number of other TV and movie roles, as well as a career as a musician under the alias Djo.

Monroe, whose breakout part came in the 2014 horror film It Follows, has made a name for herself in the thriller genre – in addition to having a distinct love outside of acting as a professional kiteboarder, a sport she began at the age of 13.

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Joe Keery and Maika Monroe First Meet

is joe keery pregnant

Though the couple has kept the facts of their romance private, GQ revealed during the actor’s 2021 article that the two originally met at a party in Los Angeles. The two worked together on the film After Everything in New York City the same year.

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