Is Joan Jett a Lesbian? The Truth Behind Joan Jett’s Sexuality!

is joan jett a lesbian

Joan Jett is an American actress, singer, guitarist, and record producer. Jett is well recognized for her work as the lead singer of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, as well as for her founding and performance with the Runaways, who produced and released the smash single “Cherry Bomb.”

Is Joan Jett a Lesbian?

is joan jett a lesbian

Jett has declined to confirm or refute lesbian or bisexual allegations. In an interview with Out magazine in 1994, she stated, “I’m not saying no or yes; I’m saying belief what you want. Assume nothing; proceed.” In 2006, in response to an interviewer’s question about when she had “come out” as a lesbian, she stated, “I’ve never made a comment about my personal life on any level. I have never made any pronouncements.

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Is Joan Jett Married? Relationship Background Within

No, Jett is neither married nor a parent. No public knowledge whatsoever. She has never been married (unless she’s hiding something).

Similarly, Jett has never been kind to discuss her romantic affairs in public. So much of her dating history consists of hearsay and one-night stands that did not progress further.

One of her earliest relationships occurred in the late 1900s. Then, Jett began dating Emmy-winning musician and dialogue editor Kira Roessler.

In a 2015 interview with Alice Bag, she disclosed that she had slept with Jett. In an interview, she stated, “The only lady I’ve ever had sex with was Joan Jett because she was so incredible.” But, it was the end of things.

Jett’s subsequent relationship was with Cherie Currie, her bandmate in The Runaways. According to a 2010 interview with Hitfix, Jett, and Currie “experimented” together in 1976.

This was somewhat supported by Lita Ford’s revelation in her 2016 biography, Life Like A Runaway, that she left the band after discovering that all band members except one were interested in women.

These members featured Jett and Cherie, who was “always romantically involved.” She wrote, “I discovered that Cherie was flirting with Joan. I quit the band because I was so terrified.

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This fling does not appear to have led to anything lasting for either of them.

In the mid-2000s, she had her third well-documented relationship, if you can even call them that. This time, it was Jett and the American beauty and actress Carmen Electra.

In November 2006, it was reported that Jett and Electra engaged in PDA after one of Jett’s gigs in Los Angeles. After Electra was featured in Jett’s song video in May of that year, they became friends.

Several subsequent rumors claimed that Jett intended to attend the Dinah Shore Weekend in California, commonly known as the “lesbian prom,” with her alleged girlfriend in March 2007.

Yet, other reports from the same month stated that they had ended their relationship. Several publications stated in August that they had been together for around one year before deciding to separate.

The purported breakup did not put a stop to their connection, as Electra attended a Jett concert in March 2014 to support her allegedly ex-girlfriend.

Jett was rumored to have dated Chuck Zito, John Lydon, Billy Idol, Dee Dee Ramone, Joy Gehman, Tom Peters, and Danny Bonaduce, although there is no evidence that these relationships occurred.

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