Is Jim Bakker Still Alive: Everything We Know!

is jim bakker still alive

An American televangelist by the name of Jim Bakker. James Orsen Bakker is Jim Bakker’s birth name. From 1974 through 1987, he and his then-wife Tammy Faye co-hosted the TV show The PTL Club. He created Heritage USA, a theme park near Fort Mill. Due to a claim, he left the PTL ministry.

In the 1980s, this led to his conviction, incarceration, and divorce. Later, after starting Morningside Church in Blue Eye, Missouri, Bakker remarried and returned to televangelism. He reinstituted the PTL ministry.

Jim Bakker, Is He Still with Us?

Yes. There is a Jim Bakker. Jim Bakker’s Instagram post indicates that he had a stroke. His prior controversy occurred in May 2020. Lori Beth Graham, his wife, is healthy as well. Together with the adoptive child, he has a total of seven kids. His inaccurate information on coronavirus treatments was seen on social media.

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Jim Bakker Is Missing.

On January 2, 1940, James Orsen Bakker was born in Muskegon. He was the child of Furnia Lynette Furn Irwin and Raleigh Bakker. He went to North Central University to study. Located in Minneapolis, North Central University is a Bible college.

Tammy Faye and James Bakker first connected at North Central University. Bakker had a job as a waiter. while Tammy Faye was employed by a nearby shop. Before forming the Itinerant Evangelists, Jim Bakker and Tammy got married in 1961.

Jamie Charles Jay Bakker and Tammy Sue Sissy Bakker were the couple’s two children. In 1992, the couple divorced. Fifty days after first meeting Lori Beth Graham, Bakker wed her in the month of September 1998. Former televangelist Lori Beth Graham was one of them. The couple adopted two kids in 2002. Jim Bakker now resides in the USA with his adoptive children and second wife.

Early Career of Jim Bakker

At Pat Robertson’s CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network), Jim and Tammy began their careers. Portsmouth, Virginia is where. He contributed to the expansion of CBN. Come On Over, a children’s variety show he hosted, featured puppet comedy routines.

Bakker took over as the host of the new prime-time chat show following the popularity of the program Come On Over. The 700 Club was yet another premier program on CBN. Bakkers departed CBN in 1972. Then he moved to California and joined TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). After eight months of employment, he quit the network.

is jim bakker still alive

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How Did Jim Bakker Fare?

After some time had passed following his release, he resumed his career. In Branson, Missouri’s Studio City Cafe, Bakker began airing The Jim Bakker Show every day in 2003. Together with his second wife Lori, he broadcast this program. This was shown on the CTN, Daystar, Folk TV, Grace Network, Hope TV, TCT Network, WGN, WHT, The Word Network, Uplift TV, and Living Networks in Canada. In 2008, Jerry Crawford spent $25 million US near a brand-new Bakker ministry in Blue Eye, Missouri called Morningside. Crawford credits Bakker with rescuing his marriage.


The Bakkers quit TBN and relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, where they launched The PTL Club, their own late-night discussion program, in 1976. In 1974, Bakker founded the PTL Satellite Network. It broadcast The PTL Club and other religious TV programs via regional affiliates all around the United States.

Bakker constructed Heritage Village in the Carolinas in the 1970s to serve as PTL’s corporate headquarters. The Heritage USA theme park in Fort Mill, South Carolina, which eventually rose to become the third-most prosperous theme park in the US, was added to the ministry over time by the Bakkers.

It was estimated that viewers contributed more than $1 million per week, with the proceeds going toward expanding both the theme park and The PTL Club’s goals. Bakker responded, “I think that if Jesus were living today, he would be on TV,” when asked how he used the media.

Due to two crises in 1987, PTL disintegrated: first, church secretary Jessica Hahn accused Bakker of sexual misconduct, which caused him to leave; second, he misused ministry funds in a way that was illegal, which landed him in jail. On May 6, 1987, Bakker was let go from his position as a minister for the Assemblies of God.

In the 1990 biographical television film Fall from Grace, which depicted Bakker’s ascent and fall, Kevin Spacey portrayed Bakker. Unfaithfully Yours was the title of a two-hour PTL scandal special that aired on ABC’s 20/20 program on January 18, 2019.

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