Is Jenny McCarthy Pregnant? The Truth Behind Her Pregnancy Buzz!

is jenny mccarthy pregnant

Jenny McCarthy is a model, actor, television host, and author from the United States. She rose to prominence as a Playboy Playmate in 1993 and later hosted the MTV dating show “Singled Out.” McCarthy has appeared in movies and television shows such as “Scary Movie 3” and “Two and a Half Men.” She is well-recognized for her strong feelings about vaccines and autism.

Is Jenny Mc Carthy Pregnant?

is jenny mccarthy pregnant

Jenny McCarthy was thought to be expecting her second child. However, there is no official word about the actress’ pregnancy. Furthermore, McCarthy has neither confirmed nor denied the rumor. Nonetheless, her fans have put up with several theories regarding the actress being pregnant with her second child.

Jenny’s followers claimed to have seen a baby bump and so questioned her pregnancy with a second child. However, it appears to be a mistaken projection of the actress’s fans, as she has not spoken on the topic.

McCarthy fans may have to wait a little longer to learn the truth about Jenny’s pregnancy.

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Jenny McCarthy’s Married Life Explored

is jenny mccarthy pregnant

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Jenny McCarthy married Donnie Wahlberg in 2014, after divorcing her previous husband, John Asher, in 2005. The couple, who have been together for nearly a decade, first opened up about their dating relationship in 2013.

Donnie, Jenny’s spouse, is a well-known diverse musician in the entertainment world, best recognized as a singer, songwriter, producer, and other roles. The couple got engaged on April 16, 2014, and married on August 31, 2014.

There is also no information on Jenny and Wahlberg having a child. The actress does, however, have a son from her former relationship with John.

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