Do You Think Jenna Ortega Is a Lesbian?

is jenna ortaga lesbian

American actress Jenna Marie Ortega. She got her start in show business when she was cast as young Jane on the CW’s hit comedy-drama series Jane the Virgin. As Harley Diaz on the Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle, for which she earned an Imagen Award, she became a household name.

Is Jenna Ortega a Lesbian?

Whether or not Jenna Ortega identifies as a Lesbian is a mystery. In spite of this, some of her fans have come to see her as a member of the LGBTQ+ community after hearing her speak about their experiences in a recent interview. A report from states that in an interview with TV Insider, Jenna introduced co-star Gwendoline Christie as her wife.

Jenna addressed her as “my lady.” ‘I love you,’ she continued. I hope it doesn’t sound too insulting, but that’s what I’ve decided to call her. After all, her wife claimed she was, she said. In addition, she said her eyes hurt so badly every time she saw her.

is jenna ortaga lesbian

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One of Jenna Ortega’s Ex-Fiancés

It was speculated that Jenna was dating actor Asher Angel when they both dressed as their exes Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson for Just Jared’s 2018 Halloween Party. This speculation started up when both people attended the same party. After sharing a kiss with Jacob Sartorius in the music video for his song “Chapstick,” she was romantically linked to the musician.

However, in 2019, Jenna set the record straight on the guys who had been rumored to be her “ex-boyfriends” during an interview on a podcast. On the Just Between Us podcast, she admitted that despite being romantically linked to several men online, she had never dated any of them in real life.

She remarked, “Probably relationships” when asked what the strangest thing ever stated about her was. Although I never really went out with any of these folks, the internet claims that I dated somewhere about six different people.

Just how Rich Is Jenna Ortega?

That’s $3 million if you believe in Celebrity Net Worth. However, given Jenna’s recent ascent to the A++ list, there is limited data available regarding the specifics of how she gained that wealth.

But if you look at her record, you’ll see that Jenna has appeared in everything from Jane the Virgin to Iron Man 3 to Scream and season 2 of You (where she plays Joe’s neighbor who discovers out what he, uh, gets up to in his spare time). I’m supposing she gets compensated adequately.

is jenna ortaga lesbian

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Why Don’t We Dissect Jenna’s Instagram?

In just 10 days, Jenna went from having a small following on Instagram to having 10 million new followers. According to a PopCrave graph showing her account’s meteoric rise, she went from 9.39 million to 20 million followers in the 10 days following the premiere of “Wednesday.” For what it’s worth, Jenna has about 30 million followers as of the time this tale was written.

Brands must be dying to get Jenna’s endorsement after the program was canceled, but she hasn’t published any significant sponsored content recently.

How much does she make per post? At the rate her audience is expanding, reports suggesting Jenna might earn more than $78,000 for each sponsored post are likely outdated.

Oh, and just so you know, in a recent interview with The Face, Jenna said this about her Instagram strategy: “I have to look at my social media as a business platform because I think it’s harmful to everyone involved.” Were we wedded to it, it would drive me crazy.

I don’t want to second-guess my appearance or how others see me on the site. All of it is work! Those are all just work-related updates. I’ll just talk about whatever comes to mind, and then I can stop worrying about whether or not people take me seriously as a potential influencer and instead take pride in my ability to perform.

We’ll be sure to update this as new details emerge, especially as we learn how much Netflix is paying Jenna for the second season of Wednesday.

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