Is Jackson Mahomes Gay? Delving Into His Personal Life and Sexuality!

is jackson mahomes gay

Jackson Mahomes is the younger sibling of Patrick Mahomes, an NFL quarterback. Through social media, particularly TikTok, where he posts videos of himself dancing and demonstrating his lifestyle, he gained popularity. Jackson frequently attends football games and events with his sibling, becoming a familiar face to sports fans. He has a notable online presence and a sizeable fan base across multiple platforms.

Is Jackson Mahomes Gay?

is jackson mahomes gay

Jackson Mahomes is not gay and does not have a girlfriend or wife at the moment. In his first YouTube video, uploaded in 2021, the Tik Tok icon stated this. Jackson Mahomes made it plain in that video that he is attracted to women and is not homosexual. He also mentioned that his voice is one of the reasons why people presume he is homosexual. Mahomes stated that such presumptions of judgment were disrespectful. He added that the incident had left him feeling apprehensive about his voice.

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Who Is Jackson Mahomes’ Significant Other?

It is unknown who Jackson Mahomes’s girlfriend is. It is conceivable that he is not currently in a relationship. It is also conceivable that he has a girlfriend but is protecting her from the sometimes intrusive and negative spotlight. Regardless of the truth, it is unknown who Jackson Mahomes’ companion is, leaving only media speculations.

The Tik Tok Celebrity Is Linked to Influencer Dayna Marie

is jackson mahomes gay

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In March 2022, Jackson Mahomes was romantically linked to Dayna Marie, another Tik Tok star. The rumors began after TMZ published a video of the two of them kissing. However, the kiss did not last long before the footage ended. Therefore, it is conceivable that Dayna Marie is the girlfriend of Jackson Mahomes. This is unconfirmed and may be a stunt Mahomes performed as part of his ongoing effort to persuade people that he is not gay.

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