Is Hallie Jackson Pregnant? Expecting a Bundle of Joy!

is hallie jackson pregnant

Hallie Marie Jackson is NBC News’ Senior Washington Correspondent, an anchor for NBC News Now, and a fill-in and substitute anchor for Today, Sunday Today With Willie Geist, and NBC Nightly News.

Is Hallie Jackson Pregnant?

is hallie jackson pregnant

Hallie has not yet confirmed her pregnancy. According to Realwoman, A few days prior to one of the most nerve-wracking occasions in Hallie Jackson’s career, she developed laryngitis. She was eight and a half months pregnant with her daughter Monroe and was knee-deep in debate preparation with NBC News and Telemundo correspondents.

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Is Hailey Jackson Married Now?

Hailey Jackson is currently unmarried and has been in a relationship with Frank Thorp, the father of her daughter.

Thorp, like his girlfriend Hallie, works in the journalism industry, if you were unaware. In fact, he works for the same network as she does, NBC News. Currently, he covers the United States Senate as a producer and off-air reporter. Thorp has held this position since 2014, and his responsibilities include overseeing editorial and technical aspects, crews and logistical administration, and social media branding of news.

His and his crew’s photographs and videos are frequently featured on all main NBC broadcasts, such as the Today Show and Nightly News.

As the current senior Washington correspondent for NBC News as well as an anchor for NBC News Now and a fill-in/substitute anchor for multiple programs including Today, Sunday Today with Willie Geist, and NBC Nightly News, his devoted partner Hallie Jackson also depends on his work.

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When Did Hallie Jackson and Frank Thorp Start Dating?

The Johns Hopkins University graduate has reportedly been dating the father of her child, Thorp, since early 2019. She began mentioning him in her Instagram posts, and she subsequently shared photos with him.

In one instance, she posted a photo from her vacation at Palazzo Bernardini in Italy, wearing a yellow frock and a grey hat. The photo, which was posted on 18 August 2019, was taken by her current partner, as implied by the caption.

Regarding Thorp, he has been connected to NBC since 2010. He began by reporting on numerous events in Haiti to the Atlanta and New York City NBC News bureaus. Later, he covered the House of Representatives, after which he assumed his current roles as producer and off-air reporter.

Prior to joining NBC News, the graduate of West Virginia University was associated with CBS News.

Jackson and Thorp have not yet wed at the present time. However, they are thoroughly appreciating their time as parents to their daughter.

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