Is Gus Fring Gay? Better Call Saul Almost Certainly Confirms It!

is gus fring gay

Fans have been wondering whether Gustavo Fring is gay since Giancarlo Esposito made his Breaking Bad debut, and Better Call Saul season 6 has all but proven them right. Gus Fring’s sexual orientation was one of the many things about which there was speculation.

Gus had no friends, family, or lovers aside from his dual lives as a drug kingpin and proprietor of a fast food restaurant. Nonetheless, Breaking Bad does provide some hints. Gus had a long-standing hatred against the cartel for killing his business partner Max Arciniega, and his fervor in exacting retribution was motivated by more than just business.

The fountain Gus created in Max’s honor was made public by Better Call Saul, and Hector and Lalo Salamanca have both made subtly homophobic remarks about Max, with the former making fun of Fring for peeking while he urinated and the latter referring to Max as Gus’ “lover.”

Gus Fring’s sexuality was a subject of discussion after the release of Breaking Bad, but “Fun & Games” from season six of Better Call Saul provides conclusive evidence that he is gay. Gus goes to a wine bar after a tense questioning that exonerates him of killing Lalo Salamanca. His interactions with employees suggest that he is a regular, and Gus is shown sulking about David in particular. David approaches to say hello after Gus first observes from a distance, and they start talking about their similar interest in wine.

Gus feels curiously hypnotized by David’s company as he drones on. As if that weren’t enough, Gus shares how he once bought a pricey bottle of wine based on a memorable anecdote David told him; David is obviously moved by this act. The only other objective of the scene is to demonstrate Gustavo Fring’s amorous attraction to the wine expert.

Is Gus Fring, Gay

is gus fring gay

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The revelation that Gus is gay in Better Call Saul was a significant step toward better LGBTQ character representation in the world of Breaking Bad and in gangster dramas in general. The worst tragedy of television series like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, or even The Sopranos is that their toxic, hypermasculine anti-heroes have mainly been regarded as aspirational role models by perplexed viewers. Even though Gus Fring’s sexuality has long been a secret, Better Call Saul made a crucial choice to eventually resolve it since it contributes to his potency as a character on screen.

Gus’s homosexuality has been confirmed, forcing the fandom to accept the fact that one of their potential idols doesn’t conform to their hetero-normative ideas of what a man should be. Better Call Saul deftly subverts the antiquated convention of queer-coding villains to appease straight audiences while maintaining the character’s integrity as a genuine threat. It’s also extremely significant that the only LGBTQ character in Breaking Bad’s machismo-fueled world is also one of its most lethal and ruthless.

Gus and Max, Were They Dating Before Better Call Saul?

is gus fring gay

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It’s reasonable to declare, as many viewers already believed, that Gustavo Fring was in love with Max after the wine bar scene from Better Call Saul season 6. Was the relationship between the Chicken Brothers romantic in the years before Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad? If so, was it the source of his vengeance towards the cartel members (and Hector Salamanca in particular as retribution for firing the gun)?

In a flashback scene from season 4 of Breaking Bad, Max stands up for Gus in front of the cartel, saying, “I know Gustavo like a brother.” This very platonic line might imply that Gus harbored romantic feelings for Max but refrained from acting on them. Max might have known, but regrettably, the affection was not returned.

Conversely, Max’s remark about being “like a brother” could have been only a ruse. Gus and Max would have likely downplayed any romantic connection in front of Don Eladio and the Salamancas because the cartel isn’t exactly a friendly zone for Homosexual people in Breaking Bad. One could probably claim that Max was just as emotionally linked to Gus as Gus was to him based on his passionate defense. As Hector Salamanca mercilessly eliminated Max in front of Gus, his demise was assured.

Gus’ sexuality is revealed in Better Call Saul, which not only adds some diversity to the Breaking Bad universe but also gives us a fuller picture of his personality. During the Breaking Bad era, the grief of losing Max amplifies his objectives, but this estranged friendship with David in Better Call Saul depicts Gus in a shockingly tragic way. Gustavo Fring was unable to satisfy one absolutely innocent longing despite his wealth, influence, and brilliance.

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