Is Google blocking Cryptocurrency news websites in their June algorithm update?

google june udpate hit cryptocurrency websites

Google June algorithm update

Google’s new algorithm update for June has made the existence of websites a living hell. The decline in traffic began with The Daily Mail, and now the algorithm is affecting the leading cryptocurrency websites. Moreover, the new development has left the communities depending on Google Search Engine optimization divulge in a difficult situation. Judging by the recent revelation, Google is on the verge of making the websites bite the dust.

CCN is proceeding towards a permanent shutdown

CCN, one of the most credible cryptocurrency news websites, was one of the unluckiest websites to be through a bad phase. And it is all because of the June Algorithm update. According to CCN, a significant Google SEO Algorithm update was going to increase the traffic of the website. But the exact opposite of this took place. Additionally, the update was also going to bring massive changes in terms of visibility in most of the online site.

Moreover, CCN among ESPN and Daily Mail was caught on the June Algorithm update’s wrong side. CCN’s mobile traffic went down to 71% in a single night. In terms of SEO analytics data, CCN’s Index for visibility also went down from 1.2 to 0.6.

Additionally, when CCN lost the massive amount of its revenue, the website felt it was the right time to quit. The cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world used to visit CCN frequently to know the happenings in the cryptocurrency industry. When CryptoCoinsNews or CCN came into being, only one person was leading the company. Nevertheless, before shutting down in June, over 60 reporters were working with CCN.

Is this the eminent crackdown of cryptocurrency?

Moreover, CCN is not the only cryptocurrency website that is going through a loss due to the new Google Algorithm Update. CoinDesk, the specialist in Blockchain, reports a 35% decline in mobile traffic. On the other hand, CoinTelegraph has also seen a decline of 21 percent.

The sudden decline in the traffic raises suspicion that Google doesn’t want the cryptocurrency websites to accumulate revenues.

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