Is Gavin Casalegno Gay? An Intimate Portrait of His Life and Sexuality!

is gavin casalegno gay

Curiosity typically surrounds the personal lives of celebrities in the entertainment industry. Gavin Casalegno, a skilled actor noted for his roles in a variety of films, has captured the attention of both fans and the media. There have been rumors and speculations concerning Gavin Casalegno’s sexuality, leading to the question: Is Gavin Casalegno gay?

Gavin Is Most Likely Straight

is gavin casalegno gay

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Gavin Casalegno has not stated his sexual orientation, however, he is most likely straight. Larsen Thompson is his current long-term girlfriend.

Fans of The Summer I Turned Pretty know that in the books, Jeremiah is solely attracted to women, while in the TV, he is attracted to both men and women. Jenny Han told Variety that the showrunners changed Jeremiah’s sexuality to make a more contemporary story. Han stated:

“The essence of the character remains the same to me.” It’s just a question of how I’d write this person in 2022 as opposed to how I wrote them 13 years ago.”

Casalegno told Seventeen that he admired the show’s efforts to diversify, expressing his support for the LGBTQ+ community. He went on to say that he loved being a part of the movement for diversity:

“I was so honored to be a part of that change and the direction we were taking it in, as well as [bringing] that diversity.” And I believe it is critical to have. It’s truly unique, in my opinion. Jeremiah is constantly figuring out who he is, and that’s simply a part of him.”

Casalegno and Larsen Thompson

is gavin casalegno gay

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Casalegno describes himself as a hopeless romantic who will go to tremendous measures to convey his feelings for someone.

The actor claimed that the most insane thing he’s ever done was fly to his girlfriend’s birthday party and pretend to propose to her in front of her parents. He did this after only a week of dating.

“I secretly bought a plane ticket out to go surprise her for her 16th,” Gavin explained. “Her parents brought her to some restaurant at Universal Studios, and I jumped out of the corner and fake proposed with a Hershey’s kiss.”

“Little did I know her father was standing right there, and that was my first meeting with him.” It was really hilarious. We laugh about it today, but there is no length I would not go to make a romantic gesture.”

Thompson and Gavin frequently post images of one other on Instagram, displaying their close friendship. Larsen promoted a Pandora padlock and key dangle charm in February 2022 by posting a selfie of herself and Gavin. She stated:

“To me, the most special Valentine’s Day gift this year is @theofficialpandora Padlock and Key Dangle Charm.” I can look down and be reminded that I always have @gavincasalegno with me – and now he can do the same.”

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