Is Finn Balor Gay? Exploring Finn Balor’s Personal Life!

is finn balor gay

Finn Bálor, a well-known professional wrestler and former WWE Universal Champion, has won the hearts of fans all over the globe with his athleticism and charisma. As a public figure, he is frequently questioned about his personal life and sexual orientation. This article investigates whether Finn Bálor is gay, separating rumors from facts and casting light on his true nature.

Is Finn Balor Gay?

is finn balor gay

No, Finn Balor is not gay. He has dated fellow WWE employees in the past, including current backstage interviewer Cathy Kelley. However, he ended his relationship with Kelley a few years ago and began dating Vero Rodriguez, a Mexican sports journalist and television presenter.

The pair was spotted at the 2019 Champions League Final, where he witnessed Tottenham lose to Liverpool.

In August 2019, Finn Balor married Vero Rodriguez in a private ceremony in Turin.

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Did Finn Balor Date Becky Lynch?

is finn balor gay

Finn Balor has known Becky Lynch for nearly two decades, but they were never romantically involved. Finn Balor has never been romantically involved with Becky Lynch, but the pair have been companions since their time in Ireland.

Balor, who conducted a training school early in his wrestling career, instructed Becky Lynch. The future world champions worked together as children, with Lynch being The Demon’s pupil. In an interview with The Times Now, Lynch discussed how she began her professional wrestling career in Finn Balor’s wrestling academy.

“My brother and I would frequently watch wrestling, and I adored it. To become a wrestler, one must travel to England or the United States for training. Only at Finn Balor’s Academy did I have the opportunity to learn. Three months were spent wrestling on just six blue mats in this minuscule hall at Saint Andrew’s national school.

is finn balor gay

Every Sunday, we would visit the location and learn on the mats. We would travel to England for summer programs where you would train eight or nine hours per day in the gym.” Becky Lynch and Finn Balor are both married at present, but not to one another.

Becky Lynch has a child with her spouse, fellow WWE Superstar Seth Rollins. Balor is married to televised hottie Vero Rodriguez. Finn Balor and Becky Lynch remain close companions and continue to represent Ireland in the WWE alongside Sheamus.

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Regarding Sexuality and LGBTQ Community

Darren Young, a WWE superstar, made headlines in 2013 as the first openly homosexual wrestler in history. After his coming out, many fans began to speculate about the sexual orientations of other wrestlers, including Devitt. Young was unfortunately dismissed from his contract, indicating that the company was not prepared for representation.

Devitt was not bothered by the gay allegations, and in 2018, he publicly supported Young and other LGBTQ individuals. The wrestler made the “gayest grand entrance in WWE history” at Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans by donning a rainbow-colored shirt and being surrounded by members of the New Orleans LGBTQ community. Devitt also declared that he would contribute his earnings to the GLAAD organization.

While Young appreciates Devitt’s public support, WWE’s handling of the situation devastated him. During a 2019 interview with Sportskeeda, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the New Orleans spectacle.

“But months later, at WrestleMania, WWE had finally embraced the LGBTQ movement but they did it on a straight guy, Finn. When I have seen that the next day, this was at WrestleMania, the next day, Monday, I was devastated, man. I cried like a baby. I cried like a baby because I’d just been released and then they are finally embracing the LGBT movement but they are doing it with Finn. It broke my heart. I’m a grown man. 35 years old and I cried like a baby. But, as I said, if it wasn’t for me making that sacrifice, I don’t think we would have been able to fully embrace the LGBTQ movement.”

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